5 thoughts on “Wavewalk 700 portable skiff with 5 HP outboard – the movie”

  1. Thanks Larry,

    Great video!
    This little skiff seems to work flawlessly with your motor mount, and the outboard motor that you fixed does a great job!

    I’m pleased to make this video our blog’s ‘Featured Video’ 🙂


  2. Great video Larry, it really has you moving right along.
    Nothing better then that, 12 knots and smooth sailing.
    Did you have it at top speed?
    My 1.2hp gamefisher gets me to 5.9 mph at full speed.

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  3. Rox,

    What happened to that 2.2 Mercury outboard you got at some point?


  4. Rox,

    The top average speed is 12 kts. I took a GPS with me this morn to verify. That is fast enough.

    The motor in your video looks to be a two stroke Merc 2.5 hp. That motor can add another hp by putting on the two stroke Merc 3.3 carb which delivers more fuel to the same powerhead. It is probably the easiest carburetor that I have ever replaced.

    A new Merc 3.3 (same as Tohatsu 3.5 two stroke or Nissan 3.5 two stroke) carb can be found on eBay or Amazon for around sixty to seventy bucks. That’s a pretty good price to put another horse in the barn.

    If things get too cold up north, the weather is in the low 70’s, here. There is no nicer place to embark upon another Wavewalk adventure. I spent the morning paddling a few thousand yards into a mangrove tunnel. I never found the end (another day, maybe) but learned an important lesson.

    Keep a short paddle on board.

    Paddling is important, too.

    Larry J.

  5. Being a rather mediocre driver, I try to avoid planing. I like to ‘stay connected’ 🙂


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