Back in the Keys, wavewalking, snorkeling, and catching fish for dinner

By Captain Larry Jarboe

Yesterday, My wife, son, and I spent the afternoon snorkeling and Wavewalking behind Grecian Dry Rocks. This shallow reef in the Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary does a pretty good job of acting as a breakwater on low tide.
The water is perfectly comfortable and crystal clear.
The W700 is a fine snorkel tender and will make a great lobster scout skiff when the season begins in August.

I am looking forward to combining swimming with Wavewalking to burn off the calories I gained during the commercial fishing season. It is pretty hard for a commercial fisherman not to eat up the profit.

On the way home, we stopped at a patch reef and caught dinner in a few minutes.

As much as I enjoy catching those Blue Cats in Maryland, it is nice to be home.

Please, feel free to visit. The fleet of Wavewalks is ready to transport you to grand adventures.


Mother ship with Wavewalk diving and fishing kayaks
Mother ship with Wavewalk fishing kayaks
Underwater scenery – coral reef
Underwater scenery – coral reef and shark

Underwater scenery - coral reef


Wave walking in the Keys

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8 thoughts on “Back in the Keys, wavewalking, snorkeling, and catching fish for dinner”

  1. Thanks Larry,

    Beautiful pictures!
    “Living the dream”… 🙂


  2. Actually,

    Wavewalk owners can chase their dream far from the bounds of the shoreline. From the river to the reef, and beyond…

    Larry J.

  3. Trip to Cuba anyone? 😀

  4. Jill Toler says:

    WOW! I wish I had gills. Water like that just makes me want to go down and never come up.

  5. Until gills are a surgical option, a mask, snorkel and fins combo is a fine way to see underwater if the water is clear.

    And, a Wavewalk can be modified to pull a snorkeler across the surface to explore large areas of sea bottom…

    Another porpoise? Maybe.

    Larry J.

  6. How about a glass bottom Wavewalk to better explore the depths – sounds like a good next project for Yoav.

  7. That would work only if we find a foolproof way to prevent scratches, and I doubt it’s possible…
    But there are periscopes available out there, and some are not that expensive.

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