The 700 – More than a surprise

By Kent Johnsen

Fiske Kajak, Sweden

Finally, the Indalsälven river here in Undersåker is open for navigation!

Although I had paddled my Wavewalk 500 last year, paddling the 700 for the first time was more than a surprise for me… Life is wonderful!

I really like my 700 R, it is a part of nature  🙂


Ice? Piece of cake!
Beached! High and dry…

2 thoughts on “The 700 – More than a surprise”

  1. Thanks Kent,

    I’m glad to hear that everything is OK.
    It looks like you’re going to spend a lot of time in this boat 😀


  2. Kent,

    What other boat handles so well on thin ice?

    A couple times I pushed a canoe across a lightly frozen river to fish from the bridge abutments into the unfrozen area around the pylons. But, I definitely won’t be doing that with either the W500 or the W700.

    For me, no third time on the ice. I’m definitely a warm blooded critter.

    Whatever the Swedes drink for anti-freeze must be good stuff!

    Stay warm, happy, and dry.

    Larry J.

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