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Kayak Fishing in Mountain Fork River, SE Oklahoma, By Ray Schwertner

The W kayak worked great, again.
Mountain Fork River, Southeast Oklahoma –
More fun than anything. Fished, chased snakes, beavers, gar, turtles, and more.
The W kayak intrigues all sportsmen.

Texan kayak fisherman fishing in Mountain Fork river, Southeast Oklahoma

Texan kayak fisherman fishing in Mountain Fork river, Southeast Oklahoma

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Pivoting Depth Finder and Transom Mount For W Fishing Kayak- Ray Schwertner, TX

Here’s more from Ray’s rigged fishing kayak –
A pivoting depth finder, and a DIY transom mount for his electric trolling motor that looks sturdy enough to take an outboard gas engine:

pivoting depth finder for fishing kayak - Texas

DIY transom mount for electric trolling motor, Texas

DIY transom mount for electric trolling motor - Texas

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Two Sand Bass Fighting For Same Kayak Fisherman’s Lure, By Ray Schwertner, Texas

People always have to ask about the WW… and I tell them to get one. I now have rigged a Minn Kota electric trolling motor that works great for positioning an runs to a spot or back to dock.
The picture is two sand bass that were fighting for the same bait. Not too big but fun! This was 4/27/12 in Lake Ray Hubbard a few miles from my house. With the W, I can through it on the back of the F150 and get a 2-3 hour fishing trip in before dark..
The rod holders are standard coated yard tool hooks. The front ones are screwed into the 2X4 that hold the depth finder. The side holder are mounted to the W by inserting a ¾ dowel(or broom stick as I did) under the lip of the cockpit about midpoint. Hold the dowek it in place with plastic wire ties. Then drill a hole thru the top edge of the cockpit in to the dowel at the location you want to butt end of your fishing rod to lay. I like to keep it far enough back so the tips of the rods do not protrude past the for tips of the W. When traveling or paddling you can secure the rods by flipping the W shock cord over the holder and the rod. Since I fish lures, I can have two rods rigged with different baits, while fishing with a third. ( I find the optional W socket mounts are not useful to me as I get them hung when fish around brush or hit them with the reel that I am casting with.
The front 2X4 is mounted to a 1X8 that runs the length of the cockpit. The 1X8 is the mount for the seat, tackle box, water proof box… whatever. The 1X8 is one inch longer than the cockpit. The extra inch slides between the bench and lip of the cockpit on the stern end. It is further secured along the bench by ¾ X 1 inch boards (or dowels) six inches long. Lay these in 3 slots in the bench, then put the 1X8 on top of them in the position centered on the bench. Next run screws thru the 1X8 into the 3 dowels.
On the bow end, a 2X4 is mounted on top of the 1X8 and notched out for the left and right sides of the front of the cockpit so it can rest on the bench top.(about 2 inches).
On the front of the 2X4, I have 2 open eye hooks where you pull the boats elastic shock cords over them to hold the bow end down. I also hook my anchor pulley to the outer part of the 2X4. The chrome hooks shown.
Once installed you can mount anything you like without having to drill the W kayak. It easy to pull the entire rigging out if you just want the basic W as it arrived from the factory.
The transom for the electric trolling motor is a mount that is copied for ideas on the website already. Have to send pix later.

2 sand bass caught with 1 bait in kayak fishing trip, Texas

fishing kayak with seat and DIY rod holders, Texas
“This seat sits a little higher, and it’s much more comfortable than the rigid seat I had added before.”

Sand bass caught by Texas kayak fisherman

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Fully Rigged Fishing Kayak – Ray Schwertner, Texas

fishing kayak cockpit with tackle box, fish finder, and GPS

First fish, a nice crappie. 3/12/11.  My water craft was ogled with much envy at Purtis Creek State Park.  One guy from Austin has been looking at WaveWalks for a while. He fishes from a kayak and was getting a little wave splash in the windy conditions.  I think you will have a sale soon.

I am sold out on this W .   Cannot wait to go out this weekend.  Ray

Mounting the fish finder :

I found  I could cut a 6 inch piece of 2 X 4, bevel the front edge. A 2 inch section of broom handle (or ¾ dowel) is attached to the underside of the 2X4 to rest in the seat groove for stability. The 2 X 4 is wedged between the seat and under the lip of the cockpit. A screw is run thru a hole in the cockpit lip in to the 2×4  to stabilize while the “boom handle” in the seat groove stabilizes the other end.  This mount is very stable and could be used for other mounts, plus it is removable. A 2×6 or 2×8 could be used for a bigger mounting surface.

The unit is powered by a small 12v battery bought at Academy Sports for $21.  I placed this in the Sterilite plastic box bought at Walmart. I bought a double slot cigarette lighter plug in   and attached to the battery. It is mounted on the lid of the plastic box. The  fish finder was wired with male cigarette lighter plug and a 1 Amp fuse. It can be plugged in one of the two slots.  The other slot is available for other accessories, such as a 12v trouble light, spotlight, fishing light etc.

The plastic box houses the battery and there is room for the transducer, lights, etc,  when in storage. The plastic box slides in to the hull and sits there smugly enough to be stable.  The transducer worked okay just laying on the floor, but I need find another way to improve this. May try the plumbers putty solution.

fish finder attached to fishing kayak cockpit

fishing kayak cockpit with tackle box in it

fishing kayak cockpit with tackle box

On the paddle issue, I find the solution someone else used.  By adding  a couple of J hooks on the inside of the cockpit, it is easy to loop the bungee to hold the paddle.  I keep a small collapsible paddle to do minor maneuvers.

fishing kayak with paddle attached to it

fishing kayak with paddle attached to it - close up

fishing kayak beached in Texas

I also went with the idea of install the noodles on the underside of the bench seat out the way. I find the W fairly stable and do not think I will use on the side..

flotation attached to fishing kayak

The 2.2 anchor works great.  I have added a  plastic workshop clamp brush clamp on a 4 foot line to tie to standing brush/trees. No rust problems.

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Ray Schwertner’s Maiden Voyage in His New W500 Fishing Kayak He Rigged With a Detachable Wheel, Texas

I went on the maiden voyage. Works great!! Love it. SO much better than a canoe.
Took no time at all to get used to it.
I think I may install the noodles directly to the cockpit edges, without the bungee cords.
I also invented a wheel trolley using some ideas of the other guys. I’ll get more details for the blog. It can quickly be removed and put on either end. Made of pvc and 1/2 in all thread axle with 14 inch lawnmower wheel. Works pretty good.
Thanks for some great engineering.!!!

Maiden voyage in fishing kayak, Texas

Fishing kayak with wheel, Texas

Fishing kayak with wheel, Texas

Fishing kayak out of a cardboard box

W500 fishing kayak out of its cardboard box

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