Wavewalk 700 Z in Melbourne, Australia

By Dario Lazaric

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

If you want something done do it yourself. Wavewalk 700 Down under  🙂
I decided to pick up myself, and here it is safe in the backyard shed, waiting for the 20″ shaft 4 HP Mercury outboard that I ordered for it. I’m going to paddle round a bit before I attach it to the kayak and go fishing in the ocean.

Wavewalk 700 on the way to its new home in Melbourne, AUS


Wavewalk 700 arrived in Melbourne, Australia Wavewalk 700 in its new home in Melbourne Victoria Australia Wavewalk 700 Melbourne Australia Wavewalk 700 Z in the box - Australia Wavewalk Down Under

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  1. fish

    Thanks Dario,

    Well, that was a pretty short journey, considering the overall distance…
    It’s great to see the boat in its new home “down under” 🙂


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