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Super Stability
No Back Pain
Shallow Water


Best fishing Kayak 2014
Now you can fish out of a kayak and truly enjoy it
Our patented W kayak solves your kayak fishing problems

It's the world's stablest kayak and the only one enabling anyone to paddle and fish standing up comfortably and in full confidence
It's the only back pain free kayak
It offers you much more storage space than any other kayak
It's the easiest kayak for anyone to paddle, it's the best tracker in strong wind, and it keeps you dry.
Mobility? You can launch, go, fish and beach where others can't
It's both a solo and tandem kayak, and sometimes more
Get unrivaled performance as both kayak and car-top motorboat
Value: It's the most versatile and user friendly kayak, it offers you the best user-experience, and it helps you save money   
At 60 lbs the W500 is lightweight and easy to carry    -More

 Too good to be true? Start by watching these short movies:

The world's best fishing kayak - Stability performance stand up paddling in fishing kayak - movie Tall and heavy fisherman paddling the stand up fishing kayak Rigged fishing kayak Motorized kayak for offshore trips fishing kayak mobility and shallow water performance fishing kayak tandem paddling Movie: extreme stability riding this fishing kayak

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True Stand Up For Everyone

Zero Back Pain

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Roomiest for Passengers & Gear

8 cubic feet of internal space make the W500 the world's roomiest kayak, offering many times more storage than any other fishing kayak.

2 kids caught a fish in dad's kayak
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fishing kayak with 4 passengers on board
80 year old grandpa Neville with three grandkids - Tasmania, Australia

tandem motorized fishing kayak in offshore fishing trip - South Korea
Two South Korean fishermen on an offshore fishing trip in their motorized W kayak

Big kayak angler standing and fishing in his kayak
6'3" tall, 245 lbs Floridian fisherman Jeff McGovern fishes standing in his W kayak in full confidence, and in all water and weather conditions except storms.
Big and tall guys, as well as elderly anglers, and people with disabilities related to their back, legs and sense of balance - all enjoy the unrivaled stability and comfort offered by our W kayaks.


The W500 weighs only 60 lbs. You can drag on the ground, easily car top it, and attach it directly to any car rack.

Fishing Kayak Reviews

Our website features nearly 200 kayak reviews that clients have contributed over the years. We rarely publish a review that doesn't feature the author's full name and state, or their country if they live abroad. Similarly, we seldom publish a kayak review that doesn't feature pictures.
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Kayaking in the Riding and Sitting positions
Enjoy the natural, ergonomic and super-stable Riding Position
(1 & 2) and regular Sitting (3 & 4):
When your legs straddle the 14" high saddle, they support your balancing, control, paddling and fishing efforts, and you can switch anytime between many natural ergonomic positions. 

kayak fisherman - top view
Being free from sitting in the infamous traditional L- kayaking position means no more fatigue, discomfort or back pain for you.

Unrivaled in Fishing, Paddling, and Motorizing

W Kayak Facts You Can Verify:
Click on the links for more info -
  1. The world's most stable fishing kayak by far obviously, even stabler than kayaks equipped with outriggers.
  2. The only comfortable kayak, offering you the riding position and various additional positions, so you can avoid leg and back pain, fatigue and getting wet.
  3. The easiest kayak to paddle. It's narrower than other fishing kayaks, tracks better in strong wind, and requires no rudder - ever.
  4. The only kayak offering real-world, true stand-up paddling and fishing in safety and confidence, plus a 14.5" high saddle to help you regain your balance.
  5. The world's most mobile kayak lets you to launch, paddle, fish and beach where other kayaks won't go.
  6. The roomiest kayak by far, offering several times more storage space than any other kayak, and room for a second passenger.
  7. The driest and most versatile kayak out there, for any weather and water condition including cold water, shallow water and the ocean surf - even in tandem.
  8. The kayak that offers you both best performance and best value since you have to purchase neither a special car-rack, nor rudder, seat or outriggers
  9. The most effective and easiest kayak to motorize and the only one that performs as a personal, portable car top microskiff.
  10. We offer more info and links in our online User Manual

This Invention Is Protected By U.S. Utility Patent Number 6871608

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