Review of the Wavewalk S4 – first impression

By Rafael Francke California Background Rafael owns a catamaran yacht that he and his wife Heidi designed. For the past six years Rafael and his family have used a Wavewalk 500 as a tender boat for it, as well as a versatile fun boat, which they sailed with a DIY outrigger. Rafael was looking to … Continue reading “Review of the Wavewalk S4 – first impression”

Are Sea Kayaks Seaworthy?

This article examines issues related to the seaworthiness of kayaks in general, including fishing kayaks, and of sea kayaks in particular, and it discusses an alternative approach to sea kayak seaworthiness based on the Wavewalk Kayak concept, and on micronautics – the art and science of designing watercraft that are small and lightweight enough to … Continue reading “Are Sea Kayaks Seaworthy?”

How effective are outriggers for your fishing kayak’s stability?

What is an outrigger? An outrigger is defined as a framework supporting a float extended outboard from the side of a boat for increasing stability. In kayaks, outriggers usually come in a pair mounted at the rear, so as to interfere as little as possible with the kayaker’s paddling and fishing activities. Why are fishing … Continue reading “How effective are outriggers for your fishing kayak’s stability?”