Enjoying our W700, now in France

paddling our Wavewalk 700 tandem touring kayak
By Ken and Jane Hobson This is Ken and Jane from Ibiza. We just wanted to give you some feedback and say how much we are enjoying our Wavewalk 700. Ken made modifications to the roof rack – putting wood centres to keep the Wavewalk stable on top of the car. We use a normal kayak loader on the back window with a foam tube to ease the loading procedure. So all we do is lift one end up at the back and then simply slide it into position – easy! After the delivery to Ibiza, Spain, we used the kayak a few times in the sea. But this year we have moved to France where there are some fabulous lakes where we can paddle without crowds or waves or gators – just ducks for company. It is great. Thank you for your help sending the Wavewalk to Ibiza.
tandem kayak car-topped and ready to go
W700 tandem kayak
The roof rack for our tandem kayak
roof rack for our kayak

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