Swivel seat and gas tank for my S4

Swivel seat for S4 skiff
By Dave Bragg


I wanted a comfortable seat with back support for my S4. My answer was to buy a boat seat and make a bracket with a round post that friction seats into any of the holes. I’m going to make another for my guest. Pictures attached. Once I made the bracket and post, it got several coats of spar urethane

The tank I bought is 8″ thin with the connector sticking out of it, but still too thick to easily remove and fill. I was unable to find a resource to sell a marine tank that’s thinner.

Bottom view of swivel seat for S4 skiff

Bottom view of swivel seat for S4 skiff - folded

Portable fuel tank for skiff outboard motor

One thought on “Swivel seat and gas tank for my S4”

  1. Hi Dave,

    This is a really beautiful seat! Looks comfortable and durable.
    Great job on the seat base!

    I see what you mean with the fuel tank – You’re probably thinking about storing it inside the rear tip of the hull, behind the saddle.
    I doubt you’d find a thinner fuel tank. This looks like the size that Larry uses for his S4s, and I think it works pretty well. There is an advantage in the fuel tank being stationary and not traveling on the bottom of the hull while you’re driving in the chop 🙂


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