Banana Split W700 on Lake Michigan

Yellow W700 tandem kayak

By Wendy Gronbeck


When the current and wind kick up, it’s a workout, but I enjoy it. Feels very safe. I paddled clear out to Lake Michigan one day. Took an hour. Took 2-1/2 hrs to return as the wind came up. Brutal trip back. Lotsa good photography outings in the bayous. I can get it in and out of my Outback easily. Not always easy to get to the water without dragging it a bit. I much prefer solo paddling.

W700 kayak close up

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2 thoughts on “Banana Split W700 on Lake Michigan”

  1. Thanks Wendy,

    Beautiful boat! 😀

    Paddling against a counter current and/or frontal wind on the way back is hard, and it can get hazardous after dark. This is one of reasons why we think that having a motor on board, any motor, even a small electric motor, is a matter of safety, on top of the fun factor and being able to make longer trips.


  2. I have to agree with Yoav, Wendy. I also prefer paddling to motoring, but I’m doing it in warm, super shallow protected water down here in Florida. If I were to venture out into the Great Lakes, I want a motor as a backup, just in case you need it. You can get a small trolling motor with battery, or small gasoline powered outboard weighing little more than 30 lbs.

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