My S4 running a Torqeedo 1103 electric motor

By Noah P.


I finally got the Torqeedo 1103 out for a run. 2 people, motor and gear put us at 450-500 lbs. The torqeedo at top speed, calm lake, gave us 5.5-6 mph.  All went well. The boat/motor combo was responsive and smooth. I do like that with the electric motor, when you have it turned off it is truly off vs the neutral on a gas outboard that still gives a bit of forward propulsion. I used the torqeedo as a trolling motor as we moved around the outskirts of the lake.

I am attaching pictures of what I decided to use for securing the oars to the boat. Most oar holders seemed a bit flimsy for what I wanted. I found these koplin ATV rhino grips used to secure axes/shovel etc to a ATV. They work perfectly to hold the oars and there is basically zero chance of them falling out. I also attached the metal loops shown to clip the oar lanyard into for an added security measure in case the oar is dropped when you are pulling it out of, or putting it into the holders.

We caught a fish!

Paddle attached

Paddle holder

My S4 kayak with 2 Wavewalk paddles

The Torqeedo 1103 mounted at the stern of my Wavewalk S4 kayak

Front view of my S4 motor kayak

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Banana Split W700 on Lake Michigan

By Wendy Gronbeck


When the current and wind kick up, it’s a workout, but I enjoy it. Feels very safe. I paddled clear out to Lake Michigan one day. Took an hour. Took 2-1/2 hrs to return as the wind came up. Brutal trip back. Lotsa good photography outings in the bayous. I can get it in and out of my Outback easily. Not always easy to get to the water without dragging it a bit. I much prefer solo paddling.

W700 kayak close up

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Dog platform for my S4 hunting kayak

By Austin Rykbost

South Carolina

One step closer to the vision! It’s only 30 lbs, all aluminum, super lightweight. I will be adding two eyelets on each rail so that I can clip two dogs on each one. I will also do a small 8″ light bar at the front. Going to paint it black and put hydro turf on the deck to keep it cool and have traction on it for the dogs and for when I’m getting on an off. Gap in the front is for ease of boarding so I don’t have to step over the rail.

dog platform for hunting kayak


dog platform on kayak

kayak dog platform


dog platform mounted on Wavewalk S4 kayak


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