200 lbs of Blue Catfish in my S4

By Captain Larry Jarboe

I took an S4 with me on a trip to my native Maryland, and today, I launched it out of our Nation’s newest marine sanctuary at Mallows Bay.
I fished the Potomac channel’s edge for the invasive Blue Catfish which taste very good. Right off, they started slamming the baits. I started taking video but the GoPro did not respond as it usually does. After some frustration, I put on my reading glasses to see no SD card displayed in fine print. Aaargh. Needless to say, I kept on fishing and caught over 200 lbs. of catfish in less than 3 hours. A couple are plus 20 pounders. The proof is in the pic taken from another camera. I don’t have a cooler big enough so they are packed on ice inside the S4 for distribution tomorrow morn.