Electrical setup for my S4 offshore fishing kayak

electrical setup for S4 fishing kayak

By Terry Wilkison


Finally getting around to tidying up my electronics. A pelican 1050 case fits thru the 6 inch hatch and makes a good waterproof fuse terminal case. I will be using a 15ah 12v battery at first and have installed the optional charging circuit to my Nissan outboard motor.

If battery capacity isn’t enough I’ll add a second battery. I was going to go with lithium batteries but I cant confirm that I could safely/successfully charge with the outboard’s 12vdc 5amp circuit, so I went with lead acid agm instead. The battery is fused at 20 amps and each circuit is appropriately fused as well.

I am adding fully sealed momentary toggles right in front of the seat which is tucked away under my legs, and am putting two small bilge pumps in the back so I can easily pump on the go in rough water or while washing down afterwards.

I’m looking at adding a USB charger and red/white mini LED’s to light up the hulls for loading/launching early in the mornings.

I’m pretty happy with the layout and will finish wiring it up this weekend, I intend to go fishing this Sunday.

watertight fuse box for electric system
fuse box for rechargeable electricalsystem on board S4 fishing kayak
switch for on board electrical system in Wavewalk S4 kayak

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  1. Thanks Terry,


    Electric bilge pumps, rechargeable battery… This fishing kayak is starting to look like a spaceship 😀
    Sounds like your Nissan outboard is a high-end model.


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