3 guys in a motorized Wavewalk S4 in the ocean chop

Wavewalk S4 micsokiff with three people on board

  • Location: Narragansett bay, Rhode Island
  • Vessel: Wavewalk S4 motor kayak skiff, the world’s most stable kayak
  • Engine: 6 HP Tohatsu outboard motor (going full throttle)
  • Total Payload: 600 lbs including passengers and motor.
  • Crew: Two passengers sitting and the driver is standing up.
  • Water condition: Choppy, and fit only for seaworthy boats
  • Accessories: The two seated passengers are riding a standard S4 saddle seat outfitted with a part that makes it 6″ higher, namely 21″ high. This higher saddle seat offers a sitting position that’s more like riding a horse than riding the saddle seat of a personal watercraft (PWC – “jet-ski”).
  • Everyone on board is perfectly stable and comfortable, having a great time, and wishing they had a more powerful motor…
  • In order to further protect the front passenger from spray generated  when the boat smashes into waves, the crew raise the bow by sitting closer to the stern.

One thought on “3 guys in a motorized Wavewalk S4 in the ocean chop”

  1. A boat weighing 100 lbs carrying 600 lbs of payload in rough water – Not bad, eh? 🙂

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