Captain of my new Wavewalk 700

Wavewalk 700 tandem fishing kayak catamaran

By Warren Richardson


I picked up my W700 at the trucking terminal Monday because I didn’t want to wait for them to deliver it to my house. It’s been in the water twice now, and I love it. It’s amazingly fast for a kayak, that thing zips across the water. Went back out again last night. I’ve now carried it on top of my van, and on the trailer behind.

W700 tandem kayak stored in a garage
Wavewalk 700 (W700) kayak car-topped on van, for easy transportation
W700 fishing kayak transported on trailer
W700 tandem kayak stored under the roof of a garage

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2 thoughts on “Captain of my new Wavewalk 700”

  1. Thanks Warren,

    Great pictures!

    I like the system you built for storing your W700 in your garage. It looks very professional.


  2. Warren,

    Recently, I purchased a used utility trailer very similar to your trailer to transport my S4.

    These tow behind flat bed units are so useful to carry the Wavewalks and can be used for so many other purposes as well.

    I found that the existing wiring will allow you to move the tail lights forward and up about 18″ to keep the lights out of the water. This helps if you need to drop the back end of the trailer below the water at a boat ramp.

    Yes, I know the Wavewalks are car top boats, but the trailer is especially convenient in many circumstances.

    Larry J.

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