Wavewalk sailing multi-boat

By Captain Larry Jarboe

Wavewalk Adventures of Key Largo

A year ago today, Hurricane Irma blew through. Today, my wife and I took the Wavewalk fleet out to snorkel the wrecks of Garden Cove under a rather cloudy sky. Still, it was a wonderful peaceful day. Hopefully, the video will show so.

This sail rig works quite well if you have no place to go fast.

The electric motor used 15% of 915 watts = 137 watts. At 15 cents a KW/Hr…

… there goes my 2 cents.

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7 thoughts on “Wavewalk sailing multi-boat”

  1. Thanks Larry,

    Testing such a sailing rig during hurricane Irma could have been very exciting, but maybe not a good idea after all.. 😀

    I miss Key Largo 🙂


  2. Looks like fun, Larry. Fingers crossed for no more Irmas this year.

  3. Normally, I would be motoring out in my S4 to raise havoc on the high seas…

    But, my wife wanted to snorkel, sail, sit in a comfortable chair, and have a dive ladder to come up. Also, no loud noise or engine fumes.

    Only Wavewalk can deliver such a request.

    And, a captain who has “Yes, Dear” in his nautical vocabulary.

    Larry J.

  4. Larry, you and your wife are living the dream.

    The Wavewalk kayaks can do anything!

    Tight lines and MoPaddle safe all.

  5. Yes, Rox,

    The Wavewalk twin hull kayaks are versatile enough to take on most any task in any body of water. And, they can be carried on a car top without major modification.

    Key Largo is recognized as the “Diving Capital of the World”. But, I would say that we are the “Watersports Capital of the World”. Year round, we can accommodate most any type of in or on the water activity.

    The Wavewalk design does the same thing. And, it can be taken anywhere.

    Living the dream can be at any place on the planet with a Wavewalk.

    Larry J.

  6. Any place where there’s water 😉

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