Improvements in roof rack, and campout

By Chris Henderson

I am building my Suburban into an Overlander. My first step was to build the roof rack so I can take either two S4s, an S4 and a W700 or of course 2 W700s. The rack is not complete until it gets a floor (perforated steel) and ladders (one on each side). We will have a roof top tent.


My church does an annual church campout. This year we went to Alta Lake which is on the East side of the state. I was able to sneak out in the mornings and in-between activities to do a bit of fishing. The wind was a constant and irregular companion. One moment it would be dead calm and the next moment whipping 15 mph through the canyon. But that is no problem for the ole W700. Kokanee were quality fish 15-16 inches. Now I need to go back for just a fishing trip!

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One thought on “Improvements in roof rack, and campout”

  1. Thanks Chris,

    Very impressive vehicle!
    The video was fun to watch, of course.

    I’m sorry for the late publishing – Our moving to Rhode Island was difficult and complicated, and we’re not fully settled yet.


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