New pictures of my motorized Wavewalk 700 fishing kayak

By Rox Davis


I put the W700 together on how I’d like to set it up for fishing.

Not sure if I’ll leave the windshield on, but I’ll know better after my next outing.

One thing I know for sure, if anyone wants those flush rod holders, don’t do it, if they plan on adding a motor, they get in the way of the mounts.
I cut mine down and capped them so they won’t leak, and they’re are out of my way for storage.

I have a couple of showings with some friends who want to see the W700, hopefully it will bring in some sales.




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5 thoughts on “New pictures of my motorized Wavewalk 700 fishing kayak”

  1. Thanks Rox,

    Looks really good! I like it.

    You’ll find the spray shield useful if you drive at high speed in choppy water. Otherwise, it would be more useful if you store it inside the boat…

    I’m with you on the flush mount rod holders behind the cockpit – Fishing rods and outboard motors should be kept at a good distance from each other, first because the rods could be in the way for driving, and most importantly, because a fishing line meeting a propeller down there can lead to a lot of trouble…

    I’m sure your friends will like it – An 80 lbs car-top boat that works perfectly for two people who fish for stripers in big rivers such as the Connecticut and the Hudson, as well as in estuaries and bays, and a kayak they can use for bass fishing in the most secluded ponds that are hidden deep in the woods, where no one else can go…
    You and others have demonstrated these things with the W500, but the W700 is even better 🙂


  2. Looks good, Rox. Will be looking forward to future posts featuring some big smallies. I just bought a used 700 which I’m looking forward to getting out. Will have to sell one of my 500’s now. For now, I’ll not motorize my 700 and paddle with the 2 flush rod holders behind me. I’m not ready to give up those rod holders and try to mount 3 rods conveniently elsewhere. Will decide on motorizing later – right now, I’m just interested in seeing how the 700 compares to my 500’s.

    All the best to you.

  3. Gary,

    Congratulations on your W700!
    We all look forward to see how you outfit it for fishing, and pictures of chunky redfish, seatrout, snook, and other southern species that you specialize in 🙂


  4. Gary, you are gonna love the W700.

    Lisa and I went out in the W700 of the Farmington river in an over flow area, forgot my camera on the counter…..

    But we had a blast, I paddled and was her guide.

    She caught 2 3lb Large Mouth bass, then another largemouth that went 4lbs.
    She was a very happy camper. 🙂

    Even with the rod holders, you can still add a motor mount, you just have to
    adjust the Wave Walk mount to fit, by cutting out the area the would sit on the mounts.

    Why sell the one of the W500’s?

    Hold off on too that thought, I have one W500 reg. and motor added, the W700 reg. with motor added and both with sonar added.

    The third will stay motorless and used for smaller area’s and places that do not allow motors, (plus my W300) which I only use for non motored places when the two of us go.

    Plus all the motor mounts remove very easy, so all 5 yaks could go out with a group of my friends.

    I plan on having a Kayak/picnic get together in 2018 in late spring, for test rides and fun.

    Going to and event in October with both W500’s and the W700 for test rides and fishing fun.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  5. Rox,

    Still fishing out of that W300? That boat is ten years old! 🙂
    Pretty amazing!


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