My Wavewalk 700

By Joanne Campbell


Just wanted to let you know a few people have asked where to get the Wavewalk, so I hope you get some orders!
Having a great time with it, and I have mastered maneuvering it!

This is the custom cover I ordered for my Wavewalk 700. It is easy to flip the water off the cover since it is a very sturdy “Sunbrella” fabric.
I unsnap it only halfway when going out, and tuck it down on one side. It is working out great, and
keeping things dry and void of debris.


4 thoughts on “My Wavewalk 700”

  1. Thank you Joanne,

    Wow! This cockpit cover is quality work!
    Looks great!
    It really makes sense to have such a cover when you keep your Wavewalk attached to the dock, and you don’t store it on land.


  2. Jill Toler says:

    That’s fancy! A piece of PVC pipe with a tennis ball on top, and installed in one of the saddle holes, might give it just enough “tent” to shed the water.

  3. Boyd Smith says:

    Nice job. I made a hard top for mine.

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