Shooting a ringneck duck out of a Wavewalk 700

By Chris Henderson

Well for the last month I have suffered through a horrible pinched nerve in my neck. This has prevented me from being out in the Wavewalk where I try and get at least 3-4 times a month during the fishing and hunting seasons. Basically every month but Feb. and the beginning of March which is effectively known as remodel season. After working diligently on rehab I was able to return to duck hunting this last week. The Wavewalks are our go to boat when it comes to hunting. We can put 3 dozen deeks, shotgun, camo net, hunting box, thermos and our selves in a W700 and paddle it anywhere we need to go. Then it not only serves as transportation but also as the boat for retrieving. That is where the stability is so important. You sometimes have to dispatch cripples (shoot them) from the kayak. As the video shows this can sometimes get a bit sporty. Wavewalk handles it fine.

The video is a bit of fun we had with a GoPro. If you don’t like hunting you won’t want to watch it. We enjoy the sport of duck hunting and the wonderful food it provides.

We were having a hard time keeping those ringnecks on the water.  They are tough birds.  We would smack them and then by the time we could get out to them they would recover and fly off!  Diver ducks are really tough birds.  Probably because they have very thick down and feathers to protect from the water.
We had a great time.

Good to be back in the saddle again.



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6 thoughts on “Shooting a ringneck duck out of a Wavewalk 700”

  1. Great movie Chris!

    Thanks for sharing your adventures,


  2. Maybe, the sequel could show a punt gun mounted on a W700? That would put real meaning to “warp drive”.

    Your video is a good demonstration why Yoav is going to offer the Series 4 in Mud Brown.

    May the force be with you…

    Larry J,

  3. Larry,

    It was Chris who asked us to design our ‘Mud Brown’ color. I can only hope that the actual brown plastic produced by our molders will be close enough to the brown color that we created on a computer.

    I had to lookup ‘punt gun’ online, and here is a nice article on this historic subject:


  4. Wavewalks are great duck hunting boats and the S4 has some great potential. That mud brown will go a long ways in getting more hunting enthusiasts to take a closer look at the S4 (as well as the convenient dog platform for a retriever lol)

    That era of “hunting” was mostly unfortunate. Same era as the disappearance of the passenger pigeon. It was more about feeding the growing cities and before the era of game management. It was not sporting in any sense whatsoever. Thankfully we have come a long way since then.

  5. Chris,

    Your YouTube channel is a great source of information and entertainment.
    I see a mud motor in your future 😀


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