Paddling and sailing the Great Lakes with my Wavewalk 700

By Forrest Henry


Everything is fine. Only been able to use the kayak for a few hours, but love it.
I also sailed the kayak for a while using the Wind Paddle sail. Looking forward to spring!!

I finished the spray skirt this morning. The driveway marker was too stiff, so I used a fiberglass flat strip that was part of a canopy for my rope hammock. The canvas lays on my lap when I sit in the center of the kayak.
I also attached a piece of lexan with velcro to the back of the kayak to use as a table.





And for a cart I am using a modified Magnus cart from paddlelogic. When the off-the-shelf Magnus did not fit, Dave, the owner, was very accommodating and made arms that are 3 inches longer and a wider axle.

No sailing pictures yet.

7 thoughts on “Paddling and sailing the Great Lakes with my Wavewalk 700”

  1. Thanks Forrest,

    Awesome spray skirt!
    Looks dry, warm and cozy 🙂

    And for those of our readers who wonder how come your green W700 features a green saddle 😮 That boat was made by special order.


  2. Hey, Yoav…….that special order comment of yours caught my eye. Just wondering what colors are available to mix / match, and related costs? Also, how would the W plastic take to painting to change color?

  3. Gary,

    This is a sensitive subject…
    Wavewalk offers the W700 in 4 standard color combinations:
    1. Microskiff (white twinhull and white saddle)
    2. Sunshine (yellow twinhull and orange saddle)
    3. Safari (green twinhull and sand colored saddle)
    4. Combat (sand colored twinhull and green saddle)

    Other combinations are possible in very special cases. For example, in this case Forrest told me that for him the only acceptable color would be all-green, because a boat in two colors would (quote) “look like a toy”. Since I wanted to make sure that Forrest is 100% happy with his W700, I agreed to make one for him that’s all green. He just had to wait longer to get it.

    Painting a Wavewalk, or parts of it is super easy – You just have to get cans of spray paint for outdoor plastics (e.g. Krylon Fusion or Rustoleum), and you can transform your Wavewalk in minutes. John Fabina, Rox, Bill Davenport and others have done wonders with spray paint and camo patterns.


  4. Of course, Forrest should have an all green W700. Can ya’ll see the forest for the trees?

    Such an option is most appropriate in Michigan, land of cool lakes and lush green woods.

    In Florida, I prefer the white or tan saddle. Darker colors absorb more sunlight which becomes heat. Thus, the dark saddle in the Southern clime becomes a hot seat.

    I do not want to create any disincentive for bikini clad passengers to take a seat aboard my magic boat.

    Beyond 3 miles offshore, clothing is optional.

    Not a plan but fond memories…

    Larry J.

  5. 😀

    Less clothes = more sunscreen

  6. There is a very good idea. Keep a tube of sunscreen in one of the saddle bracket holes. That tip could save a lot of pain, later.

    Larry J.

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