6 thoughts on “Fishing and paddling on lake Ottsjö”

  1. Thanks Kent,

    So peaceful and beautiful!
    The fish look so tasty that I would dare eat them on board the boat 😀 (Hey, others have done it already!)


  2. Kent,

    Looks like a beautiful friends and family day on the lake. And, the fish were biting.

    What kind of electric car is that? Hybrid or full electric? Brand?

    Just curious. There are many unique vehicles not available to us in the U.S.

    Larry J.

  3. Larry,

    According to Kent it’s a full electric car made in USA.
    The brand name rhymes with schmesla 😀


  4. [serial entrepreneur] should be honored to have put wheels under such an innovative vessel.

    There is a very positive story here.

    For another day…

    Larry J.

  5. Beautiful scenery and it looks like everyone is comfortable and happy.

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