W500 Paddling and fishing in Kachemak bay, Alaska

By Pat Irwin

Homer, Alaska

I’m working my way up to a longer trip so the only pics I have right now are random photos around the bay in front of my house. The salmon are running (spawning) right now so my focus is to fill the freezer for winter.

This pic is from a rainy fishing day. The W500 pointing toward Grewingk Glacier and the Harding Ice Field.

BTW, the 500 is helping my MS by allowing me to stay even more fit than if I use my bicycle only. This boat is great!

Grewingk Glacier and the Harding Ice Field viewed from the kayak 1024


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3 thoughts on “W500 Paddling and fishing in Kachemak bay, Alaska”

  1. Wow!
    This is what I’d call a ‘majestic view’… From a distance it looks like another planet 🙂
    Thanks Pat,
    I’m glad to see that you find this little boat both useful and enjoyable.
    I hope you’ll catch enough fish to fill your freezer for the winter!


  2. How cool is that, salmon fishing in Alaska and filling the freezer
    for winter!
    Beautiful picture of the Glacier.
    Glad to here the W500 is helping and keeping you mobile, more fun then a bike that’s for sure.

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  3. Hey, Pat………one of my favorite TV shows is Alaska – The Last Frontier, about the Kilcher homestead also on Kachemak Bay. If you see any of those folks, please let them know they have a big following down here in Florida.

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