Wavewalk 700 fishing for cod in Norway’s fjords

By Roine Ankarstrom

Sweden (and Norway)

The fishing season is going very well. I´ve been in Norway for 2 and a half weeks and visiting my younger sister. She lives in a town called Brönnöysund, on the coast.
I went out paddling and fishing in several fjords and caught a lot of Cod.
The W700 worked great and it was no problem catching the bigger cod. It is so easy to paddle the W700 and it moves so smoothly in the water.
The biggest cod weighed 7.5 kilo [16.5 lbs].

Midnight sun viewed in a fjord in Norway
Cod is a strong fish. I caught many.
Trolling for cod in a fjord in Nroway

2 thoughts on “Wavewalk 700 fishing for cod in Norway’s fjords”

  1. Thanks Roine – beautiful images!

    I remember the midnight sun from my trip to Iceland, over thirty years ago…
    When I fished for cod there it was in very different circumstances, and not that much fun 🙂


  2. Roine,

    That is a fine catch of good eating fish! Does anyone else fish the fjords? It looks like you had the whole place for yourself. Magnificent.

    Larry J.

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