A day on Lake Ouachita

Scot and Mary Alice VanHorn


We absolutely love the Wavewalk 700! It’s everything we were promised it would be!
We’ve had it out a couple of times due to busy schedules but I’ve never enjoyed kayaking as much as I have with this kayak! It tracks beautifully just as promised, and so comfortable to sit in for long periods of time!
We absolutely love it and recommend it to everyone we talk to!
It’s also a dream to transport. It’s so light and easy to put on top of the truck, strap it down and away we go!
Thank you for such a beauty of a vessel! Love it!

Here’s a couple of pics of the kayak and Scot out on the lake. Loved every minute of it! Thanks!

Scot canoeing on lake Ouachita


The Wavewalk beached


3 thoughts on “A day on Lake Ouachita”

  1. Thank you Scot and Mary Alice!

    I’m glad to see that you’re enjoying this kayak – canoe or “vessel” as you call it 🙂
    You guys waited so patiently for your W700 to be transformed from plans and computer files into a real-world object 🙂
    You certainly deserve to be satisfied!
    I hope your schedule will allow you to enjoy this boat some more before it gets too cold…


  2. Wow,

    I did a little Google searching… Lake Ouachita looks like a freshwater fishing paradise. And, top trophy Striped Bass producer, too!

    So many places to go. So many fish to catch…

    And, Scot, I’m kind of partial to canoe paddles, also.

    Larry J.

  3. It’s really easy to paddle Wavewalks in a canoeing style, even solo.
    Our “Joystick Steering” video shows the canoe paddle I took with me on that occasion.


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