Bassin’ a lake where the big boats can’t go (video)

By Joe Stauder

HBBCO Stand Up Fishing Kayaks

My Wavewalk got me to a honey hole! The Bass were hungry on a lake where the big boats can’t go! The Top water bite was on, what a blast! I tied on a chug bug first thing and I caught six but did not get them all on video. I did manage to get three on video By switching between a do nothing worm & a chug bug I just hammered them. They were taking both with a vengeance. What a morning!



5 thoughts on “Bassin’ a lake where the big boats can’t go (video)”

  1. Thanks Joe,

    Great movie! Congratulations on your bassin success, and on the quality of this new movie – Both the image quality and editing are good, and the music fits the action and fun to perfection. I very much enjoyed watching it 🙂


  2. Great movie, Joe. Beautiful scenery, great weather and lots of bass!

    We always talk about how stable Wavewalks are in real-world fishing situations. I hope visitors will take note of several significant moments in you video:

    1) You sit and stand at will with no assistance from straps, leaning bars, etc. Even while fighting the fish!

    2) You reach over the boat with your left hand to the right side to land fish. This puts both of your arms over one side, but your Wavewalk stays level (and you remain stable) because the bench is keeping you centered and physically “connected” to the boat.

    3) Some might think the boat looks stable because your camera is attached to it. The thing to watch is the waterline. Even as you catch and release fish and sit and stand, no ripples are generated by the (non-existent) rocking of the W500. Viewers can easily see the total amount of “rocking” by the very slight jitter in the paddle as you land your fish.

    In other words, you appear to be ignoring the issue of stability while you are busy fishing. Of course, it’s because you can!


  3. Top water Bassin’ in a sturdy Wavewalk…….tough to beat. Great video Joe!

  4. One word……………………..SAWEET!!!!

    Nice job and great video!
    Nothing better than top water Bass Fishing, wait yes there is…It’s better
    in the Wave Walk W500. 🙂

    Tight lines and MoPaddle safe all.

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