An Old Photo of the First W Kayak Prototype

I found this old family photo of my two kids and myself, and the first prototype of what later became the Wavewalk Kayak. It dates back to 2003, and it’s quite funny to see today:

first Wavewalk kayak prototype 2003


7 thoughts on “An Old Photo of the First W Kayak Prototype”

  1. That’s interesting! The W kayak is much roomier than this thing… Did you mold it from fiberglass?

  2. That’s funny – looks like the paddle is kinda “experimental” too 😉

  3. I made this prototype from wood, plywood and Styrofoam. The spray deflector was a thin foam mattress cut in the required dimensions, and everything was painted with latex paint.
    I couldn’t find long enough paddles for stand up paddling, so I had to make one from a telescopic handle for something (painting?) that I bought a Home Depot, and blades I made from plywood.

  4. Jeff McGovern says:

    Hey Yoav,
    Had to comment on this. That picture is priceless and belongs displayed in the front lobby of Wavewalk Central.

  5. 😀
    As a matter of fact it’s in the kitchen – attached with a magnet to the refrigerator’s door…

  6. Hi Yoav:
    Just a note on paddles. Have ordered a telescoping paddle/boathook from Cabelas. One end is a paddle with a slit for a handhold. The other end is a boathook. It extends to 72 inches. Havn’t received it yet but that’s just about exactly what I estimate my standard 5 foot long canoe paddle lacks for paddling standing. At 29 bucks it sure beats ordering one of the $250.00 dollar and up paddle surfing models I see on the web. Plus, if it doesn’t work I’ll just use it as a boat hook on my sailboat.

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