Fishing kayak with huge storage

Wavewalk kayaks offer much more storage

For their size, Wavewalk kayaks are roomier, and offer much bigger storage space than other kayaks.

The biggest storage of all kayaks

The Wavewalk S4 has the biggest storage space of all kayaks: 260 gallons (34.7 cubic feet). This is many times more storage than any sit-in or SOT kayak.

Portable micro skiff that offers ample storage on board
The Wavewalk S4 microskiff offers a huge storage space 
biggest on board storage in Wavewalk S4 kayak
More storage than any kayak in the the Wavewalk S4

Storage on board the Wavewalk 700 kayak

How much camping gear can you store on board the Wavewalk 700?

Review of the Wavewalk 700 as tandem kayak for long camping trips »

tandem kayak with the biggest on board storage for camping and fishing gear

Can you store 36 duck decoys plus other duck hunting gear on board a Wavewalk® 700? (Movie) »

The answer is yes – It all fits inside the boat’s hulls.
No need to attach large size bags on top.

36 deeks stored on board the W700 duck hunting kayak


How much gear can you store in a Wavewalk® 500?

Thom and Julie Martin from Michigan love to go on long camping and fishing trips, and they always take their Wavewalk kayaks with them.
They wanted to check how much camping and fishing gear they could fit in a W kayak, and they documented their findings.
Says Julie:
-“Plenty! This is clothing and linens for the both of us for two weeks, charcoal, chairs, umbrella, hammock, personal flotation devices, snorkel masks with flippers, and of course the fishing rods!
With 8.8 cubic feet available, I got it all in the boat, except for three large bags that I will strap to the top. It will all be tarp covered, as we are expecting rain tomorrow during our drive up north.”