Views from my kayak, by Harry Selsor

Eagle soars past the Wavewalk
Eagle soars past the Wavewalk

Took an early evening paddle on the Broward after supper…had a few photo opportunities…


Reflections On Broward





Eagle launches from a pine tree

Eagle launches from a pine tree


Great Egret soars overhead
Great Egret soars overhead


Roseate Spoonbill overflight
Roseate Spoonbill overflight


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Double umbrella power, by Gary Rankel

Just a quick follow-up to my last blog report, for anyone interested, showing 2 of the Red Ryder umbrellas deployed on my Wavewalk fishing kayak. The space between them can be adjusted to improve visibility. For now, I’ll keep using one until I see what it can do.

Fishing trip to Itasca State Park, by Mike Moody

A video from my kayak fishing trip on 9/29 to Itasca State Park, Minnesota.
It’s the first time I use it after my wife camouflaged it for duck hunting. It used to be yellow…

It was cold and windy out there, and the fish didn’t cooperate that much.
Caught two bass and three northern pike.


North Dakota



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