The Smart Fishing Kayaks, Portable Boats, and Car-Top Skiffs

Wavewalk’s patented twin-hull fishing kayaks and ultralight portable boats and skiffs offer unique benefits that no other kayaks or small boats do.

1. Our Ultralight and Versatile Portable Boats / Skiff / Paddle Craft»

The ultralight (starting at 80 lbs), super-stable, trailer-free, two-person fishing boats that you can easily paddle and car-top by yourself. The new Wavewalk® 700 series and Wavewalk® Series 4 (S4) make everything easier, simpler, more comfortable, and more convenient for you. This includes fishing standing, trailer-free transportation, easy carrying and car-topping, launching and beaching anywhere, motorizing in rough water and paddling in shallow water, storing on board as much fishing and camping gear as you possibly need, taking passengers with you, and the ability to fish in full comfort alone and together with a fishing buddy.
You can load the W700 with up to 580 lbs of passengers and gear, and the S4 takes even more. Thanks to Wavewalk’s patented invention which includes a twin-hull and a personal watercraft (PWC) saddle-seat, you will enjoy Boat Stability and Zero Back Pain. Paddling and motorizing have never been easier – You can fish and paddle standing whenever you want, and even have fun driving standing »

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2. Our Ultra-Stable, Back-Pain-Free Fishing Kayaks »


We offer four kayak models: Three from the 500 series, and the R model from the bigger 700 series.
Our patented twin-hull Wavewalk® 500 kayaks are stabler than any kayak except the Wavewalk® 700. They enable you to paddle, motorize and fish standing in full comfort and confidence, even if you’re big or elderly, and they are totally back pain free »
The W500 offers you a bigger and drier storage space than any kayak does, and the W700 offers even more.
Our kayaks are the easiest for anyone to paddle even if they’re big, elderly, or not in great shape. They track perfectly in strong wind, and keep tehir passengers dry even in choppy water.
Mobility? With this new craft you can launch, go, fish and beach where others can’t »
Solo or tandem? You get both, and sometimes more…
Our W kayaks deliver unrivaled performance in paddling, fishing and motorizing »
Best value: This new type of kayak is more versatile and user friendly than all other kayaks are, and it doesn’t require that you waste money on costly accessories »
The basic W500 weighs just 60 lbs, and the basic W700 R tandem kayak weighs just 80 lbs, and both are easy for one person to carry and car top »

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True stand up fishing and paddling for everyone

245 lbs, 6’3″ Floridian fisherman Jeff McGovern and even bigger guys fish standing in their Wavewalk® 500 in full confidence, and so do elderly anglers and people with disabilities related to their back, legs and sense of balance – All enjoy the Wavewalk® 500 kayak’s unrivaled stability and comfort.

No gimmicks and no hype, as over two hundred full featured customer reviews with full name, state and pictures show.

This is an advantage that only Wavewalk’s patented twin-hull invention can deliver.



Some demo videos


World's_most_stable_fishing_kayak Super Stability and Absolute Stability. The world’s most stable kayaks »



Stand_up_paddling_in_world's_stablest_kayakPaddling standing in a W500 during tropical storm Irene »



kayak_rigged_for_fishing_movie Guided tour of Wavewalk® 500 rigged for fishing, by Jeff McGovern »



standing-in-motorized-kayak-120 Motorized kayaks – Electric trolling motors, outboard gas engines… »



 Super Mobility – W500 going over rocks, dragged on the ground… »



 Tandem: Paddling a W500 and driving a motorized W700 »



More W500 demo videos »

No back pain and no leg numbness

Enjoy the natural, ergonomic and super-stable Riding Position (1 & 2) and regular Sitting (3 & 4)


kayak view from above







When your legs straddle the 14″ high saddle, they support your balancing, control, paddling and fishing efforts, and you can switch anytime between many natural ergonomic positions.

Freedom from sitting in the traditional L- kayaking position means no more fatigue, discomfort or back pain for you.


The basic Wavewalk® 500 R model weighs only 60 lbs.

You can drag it on the ground, easily car top it, and attach it directly to any car rack – No need for a trailer, as some big fishing kayaks require, and no need to buy a special kayak rack (J-rack).






Roomiest kayak for passengers, and biggest storage

8 cubic feet (66 gallons) of internal space make the Wavewalk® 500 the world’s roomiest fishing kayak after the W700, offering many times more storage than any other kayak does, except the Wavewalk 700.

80 years old grandpa Neville and three grandchildren from Tasmania, Australia enjoying a paddle in their W500 kayak.

The unique, 14 inch high saddle in this kayak provides sitting comfort for everyone, including toddlers, adults, big and heavy people, and elderly ones.




Take your children or grandchildren fishing with you. They’ll love it, and you’ll be able to sit with them on board comfortably, instruct them, help them, and shoot pictures and video. You’ll also be able to fish, if you have some time left…

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Tandem fishing in the ocean, in a motorized Wavewalk® 500 kayak – South Korea.

The Wavewalk® 500 works well as a tandem paddling and fishing kayak for a lightweight crew, even when motorized.

For more comfort and a bigger load capacity, e.g. for big and heavy guys, we recommend the W700 series, especially if you’re planning to outfit the boat with a powerful outboard motor.





Customer Reviews

Interested to read testimonials about our Wavewalk® kayaks and car-top boats?
Our website offers over two hundred full-featured customer reviews that include the author’s full name and state, pictures they contributed, and some reviews even have videos in them.
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Additional Wavewalk® 500 Information

  1. The world’s most stable fishing kayak, even stabler than kayaks equipped with outriggers.
  2. The only comfortable kayak, offering you the riding position and various additional positions, so you can avoid leg and back pain, fatigue, and getting wet.
  3. The easiest kayak to paddle. It’s narrower than other fishing kayaks, tracks better in strong wind, and requires no rudder – ever.
  4. The only kayak offering real-world, true stand-up paddling and fishing in safety and confidence, plus a 14.5″ high saddle to help you regain your balance if you lose it.
  5. The world’s most mobile kayak lets you to launch, paddle, fish and beach where other kayaks won’t go.
  6. The roomiest kayak, offering several times more storage space than any other kayak, and room for a second adult passenger on board, or two children.
  7. The driest and most versatile kayak out there, for any weather and water condition including cold water, shallow water and the ocean surf.
  8. The W500 offers you both best performance and best value since you have to purchase no special car-rack, rudder, seat, outriggers or trailer.
  9. The most effective and easiest kayak to motorize, and the only one that performs as a personal, portable car-top microskiff.
  10. We offer more info and links in our online User Manual
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