Kayaking again at 76 with my Wavewalk, by Charlie Manning

I bought my Wavewalk in June from Steve Anderson of SOBX Kayaks.
I am 76 years old and Medical issues have kept me off the water until now.
I took my Wavewalk out Saturday December 27 for the first time and did five and a half miles up a very remote creek in the Pamlico River Basin. I had no problems at all with this distance and could have gone farther but daylight was running out. I would not have attempted December kayaking in my other kayak, but the Wavewalk changes all of this.
I always go alone and feel completely secure in this boat!

Attaching a couple of shots from Saturday taken deep in Big Flatty Marsh off of the Pamlico River in NC.
I have more places than I will ever be able to visit on my list and hope to have some good shots in the months to come including some good gator shots in the summer.
Thanks for a great product and again thanks to Steve Anderson of SOBX.

Charlie Manning
Washington, North Carolina





Hawg Buster Stand Up Fishing Kayaks trade show schedule

By Joe Stauder

The Hawg Buster Stand Up Fishing Kayaks team will be showing Wavewalk kayaks outfitted for fishing and hunting, both motorized and non-motorized, at the following trade shows –

  • The Early Bird Outdoor Sports Show, Bloomsburg, PA.  Jan. 22nd-25th
  • The Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Expo, Oaks, PA.  Feb. 26th-Mar. 1st

Live demos will be available at the Philly show.

Come visit us, we look forward to seeing you!




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First 4 snook day ever, in Crystal River

By Gary Rankel

It’s that time of year down here in Florida to head into the warmer-water canals along our rivers to fish for snook.
I got my first 4-snook day ever today fishing under the docks of a canal along the Crystal River, and also managed a few seatrout.
I got everything on the gold original rapala which seems to work as good on saltwater fish down here as it does on bass and walleye up north.
I did have to slow down my paddle from that observed in Jeff’s latest video so as not to violate the “No Wake” signs in the area and disturb the manatees!!








…and this nice seatrout


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Switching from paddling riding to paddling standing in my W500 (video)

By Jeff McGovern

The camera was in it’s headset mount at 1080P 60FPS. Thick fog but it was fun paddling around in it.
The area was safe for paddling and fishing since at that low a tide I was protected from any jet ski or speed boat lunatic by the low water and oyster bars.

Nothing works as well in shallow water as this kayak. The Wavewalk W500, stand, ride, or sit, it allows so much freedom of movement. All the while it’s sable as a floating dock.

I was prompted to send this by a canoeist I met yesterday. He commented that it was impossible to carry such a large craft in my tiny truck. Funny thing is my Ranger has been legally hauling that W500 over half the state of Florida and it has never been a problem. I took the shot when I arrived so he missed the loaded rig. But when I put it back together and ran into him at the corner gas station heading home he got the joke. He walked around the Ranger commenting how well it loaded in, cool thing is all my fishing gear was in the hulls. The shot was taken with the Replay Prime X in still mode. I trimmed it a bit from the original picture.


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