Pictures from Long Island Fishing Kayaks

By Myron McDaniel

Liam and I had a great time showing off our new Honda 2.3 and the Wavewalk fishing kayak at the local trade show in Babylon! We handed out about 40 business cards to people who showed interest.
I am glad I was able to gain exposure and introduce this new product.

I think it takes a while to sink in to customers about all of the benefits, but most of the people were genuinely interested. I left cards on the table and they kept taking them. I am proud to be a dealer for this product.


Long Island Fishing Kayaks

Some pics I found in my waterproof camera –

Motorized W500 with fish finder displayed at the show. We had a large size banner printed for it.


Connor with bass 1


Connor with bass 2


My W500 F2 lakeside, rigged with a motor mount and a fish finder

Paddling in tandem in the W fishing kayak, UK

Charlie Piggott from Kent Fishing Kayaks is Wavewalk kayaks’ dealers in Kent, England, in the United Kingdom.

Says Charlie, who’s an avid fisherman: -“We took the Wavewalk to the Hebrides, where it performed admirably. We caught fish galore from the W yak!” and he adds-“Our W yak is being used more than once a week by a huge range of friends and family, from six years old to mid seventies!”

The Hebrides are a chain of islands located in the Sea of the Hebrides, in the North Atlantic Ocean, off the western coast of Scotland.

These photos show Charlie’s friend Shane taking his mother on a tandem paddling trip –


tandem-paddling-in-fishing-kayak-offshore (2)



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We’ll be at The Fall Fishing Flea Market in Babylon, NY

Myron-fishing-kayak-dealer-in-Long-Island-standing-in-his-kayak By Myron McDaniel

Long Island Fishing Kayaks

For the first time, Long Island Fishing Kayaks will participate in the coming BABYLON’S FALL FISHING FLEA MARKET.

The Babylon Fall Fishing Flea Market will be held on Sunday, November 2nd.

Show hours are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Admission price is $5.00 with children under 12 free.

Date: November 2, 2014
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

American Legion Hall
22 Grove Place
Babylon, NY 11702

Come visit us in our booth – We look forward to seeing you!


Days like today are why people go fishing

By Gary Rankel

Bob Smaldone and I enjoyed a fantastic day in Ozello.
It started with a glorious sunrise, and continued with several cooperative redfish and seatrout. I even got a snook paddling back to complete my slam.
The sky was overcast keeping things comfortable and there was just a slight ripple on the water which was perfect for our topwater presentations.

Days like today are why people go fishing.



sunrise-10-30-2014 (2)



kayak-sunrise-10-30-2014 (2)






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