Things are going great with my W500, by Mike Brown

Things are going great with my W500. I’ve had it out many times on local lakes.
Fishing is a whole new experience with my Wavewalk. I’ve had no issues with car-topping, launching or navigating on the water.

I attached some pictures of a couple homemade improvements. I’m pretty pleased with the rod holder. Found that I wanted at least three rods with me on the water. Came up with a way to mount four rods without intruding upon the interior hull space or penetrating the hull for mounting brackets. What I came up with also puts rods pretty close at hand without getting in the way.

I was looking for some kind of earth toned floatation modules. These appear to be very rare. Ultimately, I did find some brown pool noodles from Tundra Industrial Thermo Polymers Ltd. in Brampton, Ontario, Canada

I’m very pleased with my W500. I rarely take it out without getting questions from other anglers. I really get looks from other kayak anglers when I stand up to cast.
I also suffer from some pretty sever lower back issues (two surgeries in the last three years). My Wavewalk lets me enjoy a kayak experience that would never have been available to me otherwise.












It wasn’t just about the fish

By Charlie Piggott

Kent Fishing Kayaks, UK

More from our trip to the Hebrides –

The W500 we took with us performed very well not just as a fishing boat, but also as a paddle craft for our family and friends.


The W went with us practically everywhere


Are we stranded? I don’t think it’s even possible with this kayak


This tandem crew doesn’t appear to be particularly alarmed by the situation


Should I paddle forward or backward?


The water here is so shallow – How about some poling?


Now I have this boat all to myself!


Don’t worry, I’ll be back


This place looks like the end of the world, and in a way it is


A second mother and son tandem kayaking crew!


This time with the motor mount in the right place

As far as fishing is concerned, here’s a video showing some of our local competitors:


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Royal Tern Goes Fishing, views from the Wavewalk today

By Harry Selsor

Reflections On Broward


Royal Tern Spots a fish
Royal Tern spots a fish


Dive for that fish
Dive for that fish!


Missed the fish
Missed the fish? Better luck next time!


Snowy Egret
Snowy Egret


Tricolored Heron in flight
Tricolored Heron in flight


Wood Stork takes flight
Wood Stork takes flight


Black Headed Vulture aka Buzzard
Black Headed Vulture a.k.a Buzzard


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Fish we caught in the Sea of the Hebrides, Scotland

By Charlie Piggott

Kent Fishing Kayaks, UK

The Sea of the Hebrides is the part of the North Atlantic Ocean off the western coast of Scotland. We went to the Hebrides on vacation earlier this fall, and here are some more pictures from this trip.

Back from the sea


Fishing partners with their catch


No time wasted before these fish are consumed – The fire is ready.


View of the bay


Ready to grill these fish on a campfire?


The bay at dusk


The W kayak back from an offshore fishing trip in the Sea of the Hebrides


Would you like these fish cooked or raw?


How about some delicious mackerel sushi?


Exploring the island


Tackle box, fishing pole, etc. – View of the cockpit


And this is a picture from the day we received the first shipment of Wavewalk kayaks –
A good reason to celebrate!



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