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Fishing Kayak Review By Pyt Rotary, Ontario, Canada

This review is specific for how I feel about the kayak after my first trip in it.
Please take note that I have no experience at all with a mono hull/regular kayaks. Also please note that I weigh 72kg (160 lbs) and I was with my daughter who weighs 16kg (35 lbs). She was sitting in the front, facing me.
The bay (Ashbridge Bay – Toronto, Ontario) did not had big waves, but there was high traffic, big sailing boats and ski jets.
The w500 kayak was very easy to launch, no wet feet.
First minutes in the kayak I felt weird about its buoyancy effect; When I leaned in one direction (any, front, side, back) the kayak bounced back. This is weird initially, but after few minutes the feeling passed. It’s like starting to learn to ride a bike. The beginning of the ride is hesitant in balancing the direction, same here.
After the first minutes you learn how to sit steadily – the trick is to stay firm on saddle.

Paddling was easy, with no big effort; I paddled for almost two hours continuously with small breaks to watch the birds and fish, without feeling pain or tired.
Based on the bay size I think I put somewhere between 3-4km. Next time I will take the GPS to track the distance.
To change direction by 90 degrees it took only one backwards stroke.
I did not splash any water inside. For a newbie like me I think this is also good.

The paddle bought with the kayak is good, does the job well. I dropped it in the water; It floats and does not retain any water.

The lower part of the legs is well protected by the cockpit.

I did not have any problem in keeping direction while paddling. I found that it is easier and faster to paddle sitting at the rear, and not in the middle of the kayak, but please note that my daughter who weighs 16kg (35 lbs) was sitting on the front.
The kayak absorbs impact, and I think this is good, and at same time it feels rigid enough.
The tips of the kayak are great and very handy for storing stuff, plenty of open storage.

I found the eyelets mounted on the body useful for rigging various stuff.

Now, after the trip, strapping it to my minivan looks easy, using only 6 straps. No additional device to rig on the car, no foam, no special rack.

In my opinion the kayak delivers the features that are posted on the manufacturer’s website. For me, it met all the aspects that I was looking for. I don’t see now major changes needed to the design or rigging. I will mount maximum four RAM 119 rod holders, nothing more. I have a portable fish finder. I don’t think that the kayak needs more rigging or holes.

Overall I am happy with my purchase, and I am looking to have good time with my family using the kayak for fishing and just touring.
As a veteran Wavewalk kayak angler (Rox) said  – Life is good.
Regards and safe paddling from Ashbridge bay, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
29 August 2010

Pyt Rotary

Ontario, Canada

Fishing kayak beached. Ashbridge bay, Ontario, Canada

Fishing kayak attached on top of minivan, Ontario, Canada

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Petru in his stand up fishing kayak, Ontario, Canada

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Pyt’s First Kayak Fishing Trip, Ontario, Canada

Yesterday 12 Sept went first time for fishing with my “horse”. ;Location: Mountsberg Reservoir / Milton Ontario, Canada.
Arrived at 7AM, and paddled till 12 sharp. Measured on GPS, tracked 7,440 m on water [4.6 miles], max speed 6.1Km/h. [3.79 mph]
Launch was easy; I went with another friend of mine who has Prestige 12′. As speed the yaks are comparable, I went nuts at the beginning when I was struggling to keep up with my mate, when I discovered that I had weed on my transducer and, I was towing half the lake a bag of weed.
My Fishfinder is a Hummingbird fishing buddy with the transducer straight into the water. With no transducer in water the speed is the same with 12” Prestige. W500 has a length of 11.4”. My kayak was loaded with more stuff than my mate’s kayak, and there was still place to put more.
I am still learning to paddle (to optimize the strokes). Frankly speaking this is second time in my life when I am kayaking.

Angler standing in his fishing kayak, Ontario, Canada

I got the yak slimed with two pikes. I was lucky I think because the lake is full of weeds. It was very difficult to keep the spinnerbait running through the salad.
I have learned a lot in this first exit and I am planning to do many thighs differently next time.
Thank god I did not drill holes in the kayak, there is no need. I am planning to mount the RAM holder on a wood deck that can be removed easily if I am not fishing. The wood deck/pad fit very nice between the tips of yak. I already have one for a fish finder in front.
I think carrying the kayak is a lot easier inside the van than on the roof. My van has bucket seats, very easy to remove them.
I cast spinner bait and grub from the standing and sitting positions. Actually I switched between the two positions when I needed.
I discovered that I need a drift chute and probably I will buy also a trolling motor for motorized trips.
I will mount on same wood deck with rod holders.
Paddling few km upstream is not fun at all.
This was my first fishing exit, 5 hours straight. It can be easy 8 hours if I have enough food and drinking water.
Yesterday was the first time in my life when a ranger stopped me, check the fish and license. No trouble here, I always pay my card for three years in advance.
Safe paddling folks,

Pyt Rotary

Kayak fishing on a lake in Ontario, Canada

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Big lake, small boat, big fish

fisherman standing in his motor kayak and holding a big fish he caught from a motor kayak in a big lake

By Pyt Rotary

Ontario, Canada

I own a Wavewalk S4  kayak motorized with an electric Minnkota of 80Lb thrust 24V, and a Yamaha 2.5Hp 4 stroke gas outboard. I fish and have fun with it almost every week.
I use it mostly for fishing and trolling in big lakes – lake Ontario, lake Erie, Georgian Bay and lake Simcoe.
Sometimes I fish with it in rivers and swamps.

big fish caught from a motor kayak in a big lake in Canada

This year for me was the best fishing year in my entire life, and that is because I own the S4 coupled with the gas motor. I had a Honda 2.3Hp, nice and light but too weak and not great for trolling on big lakes because it has a centrifugal clutch. I sold that and I got a Honda 4Hp 4 stroke, great motor but too heavy (30+kg). Sold that one and got a Yamaha 2.5Hp / 4 stroke, great motor, has Drive and Neutral but some time I need more power. Next motor I will buy will be a Tohatsu 3.5Hp. This one should be the best option for me:
1) weight under 20kg
2) best trolling speed in idle mode on drive
3) give me more torque when I need to go 10 miles inside Ontario/Erie lake.

2018 was the year when I got my best fishing experience, lots of fish caught (salmon, walleye, pike, trout). I do fish mostly by trolling andjigging. I never got so many fish, and that is because now I can access and cover a lot more water fast and cheap.

Next year I will buy the new Tohatsu and I will experiment with a Scotty downrigger. The downrigger will even put more fish in my boat than ever.

Due the nature of S4 I can launch whenever I want.
Really funny to see boats in the morning in queue waiting in line and me just bypassing going on sandy beach  and launching. Also I have numerous places where I have access but no boats can go.
I do car port my S4 in a Dodge Caravan 2004 (the short version) by sliding the S4 inside my mini-van.

Tight lines and have a great fishing year in 2019.
All the best from Canada, Ontario.

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Wavewalk S4 with 2 HP Honda outboard in strong wind, lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

By Pyt Rotary

Ontario, Canada

Lake Simcoe is a 280 square mile lake in Ontario.

12km/h [7 mph] with Honda 2Hp against wind of 24km/h [15 mph]

Lots of fun except my rocky mistake to not have enough gas with me.
I got excited and let the boat run for 15km straight into the lake and realize I am out of gas.
I paddled back half the distance and got gas from shore.
Now I know… From now on I will carry enough gas with me.
Luckily I paid with just one blister on my hand.

I did come back at night and feel SUPER SAFE in it.
It is a great, fantastic boat.


(added comment) –

The S4 is SUPER, SUPER, SUPER stable. It does not sway at all.
I have been in bigger boats with V shape hulls.
Those boats don’t have the same stability on the water as the S4. The waves hammer them straight in the teeth.
The catamaran design cut the waves like a knife cuts through butter.
Definitely there is room for more HP on the S4.

It was my fist ever trip with a gas motor, I do use W500 with an electric motor but never played with gas before. Lots of fun. Now I can reach easily lots of my fishing spots.
Regards from Ontario, Canada.

(added later) –

After 7 years of tests I think I found the best way to store the rods on Wavewalk, at least for me.

The challenge was in S4 where drilling on the back side where the gas engine reside is not much appealing to me.
So what I did was to buy 2 Homer Tool boxes from Home depot $10 each and use the box to store dry different items at the tip of the S4.
The end of the fishing rod where the reel is, rests on the box and the tip is secured on the upper side of the kayak with sticking Velcro (same Home Depot).

I had some exist on water testing and I can carry easily 4,5 fishing rods in S4.
Since I like the concept I start to think how I can fit that in W500.

I got 2 plastic rings from dollar stores (shower curtains rings) and secure them with a round screw inside the tips on back side under the transom. The handle of the rods rest inside the rings, the tip of the rods is secured by same sticking Velcro in front of W500. 2 rods can be stored easily inside a W500 this way.

Now I am still in doubt to install the same rings in S4 as well since the setup is so successful for me in W500. I will still used the Tool boxes as storage (2L of gas, gloves, tackle, ropes, anchor).

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The S4 proved to be both the world’s most stable fishing kayak, and the fastest motorized kayak.

Our clients acclaim it as a most seaworthy and comfortable high-performance portable boat for offshore fishing, and an extremely versatile, all-water micro skiff for tandem fishing that works perfectly with canoe and kayak paddles, electric motors, powerful outboard gas motors, and even with mud motors.

All the reviews we publish feature pictures and the author’s full name and state, and some of them feature videos. Since our dealers use their S4s personally, we consider them as clients, and publish reviews that they contribute.\

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