Wavewalk® 500 Reviews

Wavewalk launched the 500 series in May of 2009.Currently, there are over two hundred Wavewalk® 500 reviews listed on this page.Per our company policy, each Wavewalk® 500 review features the full name and state of the person who contributed it, as well as pictures.We consider anonymous reviews and ones posted under an alias as being … Continue reading “Wavewalk® 500 Reviews”

Fish we caught in the Sea of the Hebrides, Scotland

By Charlie Piggott The Sea of the Hebrides is the part of the North Atlantic Ocean off the western coast of Scotland. We went to the Hebrides on vacation earlier this fall, and here are some more pictures from this trip.                       And this is … Continue reading “Fish we caught in the Sea of the Hebrides, Scotland”

Paddling in tandem in the W fishing kayak, UK

Charlie Piggott – UK Says Charlie, who’s an avid fisherman: -“We took the Wavewalk to the Hebrides, where it performed admirably. We caught fish galore from the W yak!” and he adds-“Our W yak is being used more than once a week by a huge range of friends and family, from six years old to … Continue reading “Paddling in tandem in the W fishing kayak, UK”