Getting a Wavewalk® kayak in Australia

Since 2011, we’ve been selling Wavewalk® kayaks factory direct to clients in Australia through a service we dubbed ‘Australyak‘. We ship our clients’ orders regularly to the main ports in Australia: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Fremantle. Our Australian clients get all the technical and sales support they need directly from us by email and … Continue reading “Getting a Wavewalk® kayak in Australia”

Neville Badcock, Wavewalk 500 Kayaker, Tasmania, Australia

Neville is in his early eighties, and he lives in Moriarty, Tasmania. Tasmania is an island south of Australia, and if Neville took his W kayak to the beach and paddled in the Southern Ocean southward, he should eventually reach nearby Antarctica, at least in principle. While we don’t know if Neville has such plans, … Continue reading “Neville Badcock, Wavewalk 500 Kayaker, Tasmania, Australia”

Australian Review of W Fishing Kayak as Recreational Tandem Boat

David and Svetlana from Melbourne, in a W kayak – David is a commercial airplane pilot with an eye for technical detail and safety. Both Dave and Svetlana recently rented a SOT kayak, but they thought they deserve something better, and tested the Wavewalk at Lake Eppalock just outside of Bendigo. What Dave first noticed … Continue reading “Australian Review of W Fishing Kayak as Recreational Tandem Boat”