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Pros and cons of fly fishing from a boat, by Boyd Smith

Editor’s note: Boyd and his wife used to be avid paddlers until they got their first W kayak. Since then, inspired by his own experience with the W kayak, Boyd became Wavewalk’s dealer in Ontario, Canada, and an avid fly fisherman too.
This short article summarizes Boyd’s own experience and thoughts as a W kayak fly fisherman –

Pros and cons of fly fishing from a boat


1. Position on the water. Put yourself where the fish are and in the best spot to cast. Stay clear of casting obstructions. Move away from other people fishing. Use your depth finder to locate those drop offs and deeper pockets.
2. Comfort. Stand or sit and rest in comfort.
3. High and dry. Stay dry and comfortable. Keep warm when the water or air is cold.
4. Stability. No more worries about slipping on a wet rock or stepping into a hole or drop off.
5. Storage. Lots of room for equipment, fish, food and drink, etc.


1. Cost.
2. Transporting and convenience. Getting to and from and into and out of the water.
3. Access to shallow rivers and stream beds or non motorized bodies of water.

The Wavewalk W500 fishing kayak is the best solution to these cons and still provides the advantages of a full size boat.

Boyd Smith


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Ontario’s 2013 Paddlefest, by Boyd Smith

Sandy and I completed our third annual Paddlefest known as “Day of a 1000 Canoes”.
It’s a 20 km paddle down the Grand River from Caledonia to Cayuga.
It was a hot sunny humid day with a strong head breeze.
I took my fly gear and tested the water while standing in my Wavewalk.
We saw a pirate and a coureur de bois. No mermaids this year.
Despite being sunburned and sore, it was a great day.


Ontario Fishing Kayaks

Boyd fly fishing while standing in his W500 kayak

Fly fishing while standing in my W500 kayak

Canoeists disguised as pirates at the 2013 paddling festival in Ontario


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One Thousand Canoes and a Fishing Kayak in Ontario, By Boyd Smith

Photos from our second annual “Day of 1000 Canoes” paddling festival, here in Ontario.
It was a success with a good turn out.
The weather was sunny and hot and beautiful on the water.
Lots of people were asking about the Wavewalk.
I hope my picture will appear in the local newspaper 🙂
Ontario Fishing Kayaks

fishing kayak with Canadian flag, Ontario

fishing kayak on the beach, with canoes


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Boyd and Sandy Smith in Tandem at the Grand River Canoe and Kayak Festival, Ontario, Canada

It was our maiden voyage in our new W500 kayak.
The occasion was the “Day of 1000 Canoes”. We never did get a chance to practice solo or tandem with the W500 before the Caledonia Canoe & Kayak Festival today, but everything worked out well.
We paddled 20 km down the Grand River from Caledonia to Cayuga.
Boyd and Sandy

Tandem kayaking at the paddling festival, Ontario, Canada

salvaging canoe capsized in the river

Things didn’t go that well for everyone

kayaking in tandemSandy and a friend with many canoes and kayaks in the background


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Boyd and Sandy Autumn Kayaking In Southern Ontario’s Grand River. Canada

October is a beautiful month for kayaking.
Here in southern Ontario, the leaves are at their peak colours and the heavy rains have raised the river flow to provide some exciting white water opportunities.
The W500 is higher and drier than other kayaks.

Boyd and Sandy Smith

Two kayakers paddling river in South Ontario, Canada, October 2011Two kayakers with kayak paddle, at the entrance to the parkriver bank viewed form kayak. Ontario, CanadaAutumn leaves by the river, Ontario, Canada

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