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W Kayak For Fishing and Bird Watching, by Russell Dodd, Western Australia

Due to back problems, conventional kayaks and canoes have become unusable for Russell, so he ordered a W500 for himself to paddle solo and in tandem with his wife Wendy:

It got a first run up the Canning River. Wendy & I got in straight up and pushed off – I must say it very stable and everything I expected it to be.
Paddling double up required some focus, as I am used to a Canadian Canoe which is what we used in Zimbabwe.
As a fishing and bird watching platform the W500 is certainly is a great unit. The bird watching from the kayak has been great.

Most of my focus has been directed towards sorting out a pulley harness to store the kayak in our garage roof and make it easy to load when we go out.
Also thinking about installing a forward mount electric trolling motor that’s foot controlled and leaves your hands free for other things – used to be great for bass fishing in Zimbabwe.

Everything is fine – have not used the kayak as much as I would have liked.
I am still taking things very slowly still.
Wendy and I have had 2 great trips on the sea out to Penguin Island and Seal Island just south of Rockingham which we loved. On the last trip I had a session standing and paddling on my own which certainly highlighted why I went for the W500, plus how much less drag there is opposed to carrying 2 up.
On Saturday I took a friend up the Canning which he loved.
Plans in April / May to go up to Denmark, 450kms south of Perth to test it on the inlets there & hopefully will get some photos for you.
The only photos I have taken to date are of mostly of birds and some of the seals and for that the W500 has proved to be wonderful – it gets you right into the zone. Within a year or 2 we should also get back up to the Ningaloo reef off Exmouth again which is what I really wanted the Kayak for – To get us out to the whales just on the edge of the reef and the fishing.
I have made up a roof extension frame to help load up the W500 onto our Grand Vitara roof – thanks to the good advice from your site and current project is to make some trolley wheels so I can manage on my own.
At least the w500 gets me into spots that are good for the soul.

Russell Dodd

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W500 Kayak Review, By Steve Phillis, Victoria, Australia

Steve Phillis is an avid kayaker and beginning sailor living in Victoria, at the southern part of Australia. Before ordering his W500, Steve explained what got him interested in the W kayak:
-“I am passionate about health and just recently have succumbed to back pain as a result of kayaking.

We’ve decided to publish this partial account from Steve mainly as reminder that ‘stuff happens’ is the rule out there, when you’re on the water, especially if you’re practicing ‘advanced’ applications such as sailing:

I.    -“Received kayak and very impressed. I have also purchased Jim’s sail kit, and I love it also. Works well with wavewalk. I will be taking a friend out tomorrow…”

II.    -“People are curious of my new boat. Hit some high winds today sailing (beginner) and the kayak performed beautifully…”

And a couple days later:
III. -“Today a friend of mine tipped the kayak while sailing. It was difficult to right with mast, stabilizers etc… Will need to talk with Jim. I am aware sailing is not the normal… I purchased the whole kit with outriggers etc. Might have been more the operator since I had no issues. I was surprised that it could tip. Glad I know this now than when I’m sailing by myself. Cheers
Steve Phillis”

Sailing a fishing kayak on a lake in Victoria, Australia
sailing fishing kayak, Victoria, Australia

Later, Steve added:
-“Kayaking from a traditional kayak caused me considerable pain, and at the end of
last year I was out of action for 2 months and spent a lot of money on extensive physiotherapy and even had to take time off from work, not to mention that I could not sit in a car or seat for more than 10 minutes without considerable pain. . Determined to find an alternative, I came across wavewalk and purchased one. Guess what? No back pain. I am wrapped and I have taken up learning to sail using it.
Steve Phillis”

Steve standing in his fishing kayak on a lake in Victoria, Australia
Steve paddling in his fishing kayak on a lake in Victoria, Australia

The reader would benefit from watching this demo video of the sailing kit Steve mentions – The sail it features is big and powerful, and it drives the kayak at high speed.  The outriggers that come with it are relatively small, and this fact demands both better sailing skills and extra cautiousness than one might expect at first sight.
Other sailing fans who sail their W kayaks outfit it with bigger outriggers, such as seen in these reviews of Rafael Franck’s sailing W kayak from Florida, and Brian Vickery’s motor sailing kayak with folding outriggers from California.

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W500 Kayak With Transportation Wheel – Ofer Levy, Sydney, Australia

Ofer Levy lives in Sydney, Australia, and he recently got his W500 kayak:

-I am very happy, as the W500 is exactly what I needed.
It is perfect for my needs. Very stable and easy to maneuver.
Since I am using W 500 for photography, and I carry around 20 grand worth of equipment, I need it to be very stable and safe. I am using it in lakes and in calm sea, and in very shallow water at times. Looks great and I love it!
I am hoping to take my wife and 4 years old son on the kayak on weekends.
I am planning to mount a serious electric motor on it.
Sometimes I need to transport the W500 over long distances as I have to access remote locations for bird photography. Attached are photos of the transport system I have made. It’s a modification of John Putnam’s kayak wheel setup.  Very simple, easy to make and works like a dream!


Kayak rigged with wheel for easy transportationKayak wheel attachmentWheel for kayakKayak transportation wheel

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Shipping W Kayaks to Overseas Clients – Europe, Australia and Asia

Wavewalk ships W kayaks via ocean freight to individual clients in countries overseas.
You can pickup your W kayak at the port, or at a freight terminal in the area where you live.
We ship each W kayak in an individual cardboard box.

US Factory to Port –

This means your shipping charge includes pickup at the US factory, inland shipment to the US port, and ocean freight to the port in your country.

US Factory to Freight Terminal –

This means your shipping charge includes pickup at the US factory, inland shipment to the US port, and ocean freight to the port in your country, or region, plus inland shipping to a local freight terminal in your country, close to you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

What’s not included

Our international shipping prices do not include any expense in your country. Such expenses can be duty, customs clearing, and local taxes and fees, if applicable. Our shipping prices do not include shipping from the port or freight terminal in your country to your address – We don’t ship to individual addresses overseas.
The freight forwarding company we contract for our international shipments is Weiss-Rohlig, which has offices and agents worldwide. You could use their custom clearing services in your country, or contract any other local customs agent that you prefer.

Note: Wavewalk has local distributors in Norway, South Korea, and New Zealand >

W500 Fishing Kayak Review by Shaun Wilkeson, Kayak Angler, South Australia

Most of the kayaks we ship are to customers in the continental US and Canada, naturally, but we do happen to ship to overseas clients, and this is the first review we got from Australia. Since Australians use the metric system, we added the info in US units.

Hi Yoav, it’s all good – I’m enjoying the W500.
I did get out in the surf the weekend before last, and managed a bit of stand-up action in some 1m [3’4″] swell – only fell out once!
I did manage to get out on Saturday morning – the weather was good for autumn [Australia is in the southern hemisphere, so the seasons there are reversed…] – the sea was flat and comfortable! I also used the anchor for the first time and that worked great.

fishing kayak on the beach - South Australia

Shaun’s W500 fishing kayak rigged for offshore fishing

I was happy to get 3 nice calamari squid in a short time. The largest is 35 cm [14″] total mantle length.
I’m still not that game to go too far offshore – about 500m [500 yards] is my limit so far.

Calamari squid caught in fishing kayak - South Australia

Close-up on the 3 calamari squid Shaun caught in his W500 fishing kayak

This weekend I’ve planned to give it a try in a local river, the Onkaparinga, and maybe flick a few bream lures around.
It can get a bit chilly here in mid winter . The coldest month is July, with a mean 9am temperature of 10.4 Celcius [50F]

The piece of water I was catching dinner from is the Gulf St. Vincent.

If I’m any good, I’ll eventually be able to send you pics of yak-caught King George Whiting, Yellowfin Whiting, leatherjackets, Snook, Garfish, Salmon and Salmon trout, Bream, Tommy Ruff, and (fingers crossed) Snapper -All fantastic sport fish and great on the plate.



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