Wavewalk S4 update

Our mold makers sent us these two new pictures of the first (lower) half of the rubber pattern (developed from the initial wooden pattern) that will serve to create the Sand mold.
The rim and vertical columns added will serve to bolt together the top part of the mold to the bottom part each time our molders make an S4.

Producing cast aluminum rotational molds of this size is a lengthy (and expensive…) process.

And for those of our readers who have already ordered an S4: Our mold makers also confirmed that we’re on schedule  🙂



One thought on “Wavewalk S4 update”

  1. This is my fourth boat series, and I’m still as excited as I was in the fall of 2003, when the same people who now make the S4 mold did our first rotational mold for the 300 series.
    The only difference is that back then, I wasn’t sure if the mold I designed would work* 😀


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