Wavewalk® 700: Quick and Easy Car-Top Boat

This instructional video shows a quick and easy way to upload this trailer free boat on top of a midsize and large size SUVs from the vehicle’s side.

Note that it’s possible to upload this boat on top of cars and smaller SUVs either from the vehicle’s front, or from its rear end.


Before you car top your fishing boat

Tip 1

Outboard motor and fishing gear should go in the back of your vehicle before you start car topping your boat. Although the paddle fits in the hulls, we recommend putting it inside the car as well.

Tip 2

Protect the car’s roof with a big towel, and do the same for the door.

Tip 3

Attach a short rope between the two front eyelets. This extra handle will come handy at a certain point, when you lift the boat up.

Tip 4

You want to use the eyelets on the sides of the front and the rear ends of the W700 cockpit as leads for the ropes or straps that you’ll use to attach it to the roof rack. It’s easier to get the rope through these eyelets while the boat is still on the ground, before you upload it. Common buckle straps are inexpensive and easy to use, and they work perfectly.

4 thoughts on “Wavewalk® 700: Quick and Easy Car-Top Boat”

  1. A family car like Dodge Caravan is just perfect for that.
    Car top it or fold the seats and slide in.
    Or get two W one in top and one inside, already did that with my two W500.

  2. Hi Pyt,

    The 700 is not the 500 🙂
    I can stick a W500 inside my midsize SUV (Chevy Traverse) and find room for my wife too… but not with the W700. It’s a car-top boat – Easy car-top, but still, it needs to go on top of the car and not inside it.
    The good news is that’s it’s REALLY EASY to upload, attach, and download 😀


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