9 thoughts on “My W500 fishing kayak with a 2.2 Mercury outboard motor”

  1. Nice! It looks like the sweet spot for motorizing this yak is between 2-3 hp.

  2. Yes, and this is the power range that we recommend.

    We test more powerful configurations to see if there’s a potential for more beyond the horizon 🙂


  3. Sorry, Rox, I’m not going to be betting on you in a race with Yoav and One-Shot.

  4. Don’t be so sure, Gary – If you think about it in logical terms, I have a pretty good chance of capsizing, and Kenny has a good chance of running into some new technical difficulty 🙂
    This leaves Rox with the best chance of winning such a race, IMO.


  5. I agree with Yoav! The lighter weight and harder low-end “punch” of most two-strokes actually give Rox an incredible advantage over me, and any other 4-stroke outboards in this class. Rox truly has as “sleeper”! Way to go Rox! Whoo HOOO!!!

  6. Thanks everyone.

    I found that mercury at a fishing tag sale here in Ct.

    Can’t go wrong for $125.

    I still have my gamefishers for back up if needed.

    Plus I can see it now, the race begins, I’m off like a shot and then it happens…
    I have to stop because I just couldn’t resist fishing a downed tree in the water. LOL!

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

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