Unbelievable shallow water W500 bass fishing in Cape Cod

By Michael Chesloff Earlier this summer I spent a week in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, which is famous for its saltwater fishing. The Cape is also rich with small lakes and ponds which just don’t seem to be under much fishing pressure, perhaps because most anglers are focused on offshore action. I stayed inland and pursued … Continue reading “Unbelievable shallow water W500 bass fishing in Cape Cod”

Why I became a Wavewalk kayak owner

By Michael Chesloff, Upstate NY I became a Wavewalk owner because I wanted a solution to my fishing dilemma. Maybe if you know a little more about my journey you will find something that will prove useful in deciding on your next watercraft. Here’s my story. After buying 7 boats, I knew what didn’t work. … Continue reading “Why I became a Wavewalk kayak owner”


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