Many thanks to many people

The Wavewalk® 700 as a concept, design and actual product is the result of inputs from many people over several years. These people have contributed both directly and indirectly to identifying the requirements for this unique product, refining and defining those initial requirements, and turning them into something tangible, useful and exciting. We’ll try to … Continue reading “Many thanks to many people”

Offshore fishing trip in my motorized Wavewalk 500 kayak

By Sungjin Kim I woke up at 4:30 AM, before dawn, to be ready on time for this fishing trip in the ocean. Launched at 6:00 AM from the harbor. Going on the water with my motorized kayak was as I had planned. Fishing wasn’t very good. Caught some squid, cuttlefish and seahorses. Sungjin   … Continue reading “Offshore fishing trip in my motorized Wavewalk 500 kayak”

Making Sushi on board a W fishing kayak (video)

We first published this incredible video as part of Sungjin’s story about his tandem offshore fishing trip in his motorized kayak. The movie shows Sungjin’s fishing buddy filleting a fish on board the kayak that he and Sungjin fish from, and making sushi for a meal both fishermen eat on board. Following a phone conversation … Continue reading “Making Sushi on board a W fishing kayak (video)”