Public boat landings are closed but an S4 can be launched anywhere

Boat launching during Corona Virus / COVID19 epidemic

These days, as states struggle to contain the Corona Virus (COVID19) epidemic, and issue new restrictions on the use of public facilities, including boat ramps, it’s important to remember that launching a motorized S4 cartop microskiff or a W700 motor kayak requires no boat ramp, and in fact no other special access to the water.
You can launch these ultralight and portable craft anywhere, be it a dock, a beach or a river bank, and even in a rock garden, namely a beach that features rocks and boulders on shore as well as in the water.

You can transport these cartop boats on top of your vehicle or inside it (e.g. in a bigger SUV or minivan), and on top of a truck bed, in case you own a pickup truck.

You can launch and beach these minimal draft and agile boats in extremely shallow water, and paddle them with the propeller raised out of the water. Technically and legally, these are kayaks, and they paddle well, especially the W700. Alternatively, you can pole them, although poling is harder than paddling.

Back from an offshore fishing trip, carrying theS4 motorized kayak up the beach

S4 motor kayak beached in Hawaii

S4 portable boat docked


S4 micro skiff beached on the sand
S4 boat with portable wheels for carrying