My Wavewalk S4 microskiff with a 5 HP propane outboard motor

Coolest thing I’ve done in a dozen years

By Charles Taylor


S4 kayak skiff in the box

S4 catamaran micro skiff on pickup truck bed, and cart for carrying

Tires are quick release, and cart fits perfectly.


battery and fishing gear

The battery fits awesome

Chuck selfie

Coolest thing I’ve done in a dozen years. Cold, windy, pouring rain and a small craft advisory. Perfect for trying it out. I grew up in Cape Cod. Always have been an adrenaline junkie. But old and mature enough to have only put the 5 hp Mercury on it. Propane is awesome.

Not bringing the cart with me next time. But it was a one handed stroll to the boat launch fully packed. People kept saying “what is that”. I’ll have to print up some cards with the website  to hand people. I’m going to launch at the beach next.

Pickup truck carrying S4 motor kayak skiff on truck bed


motor kayak on pickup truck bed

After a long day it’s nice to back in and lock the gate. Got to watch the sunset for 2 hours tonight. Paradise.