Wavewalk 700 paddling trip in Hilo bay, Hawaii

By Jerry Wheeler

Pahoa, Hawaii

Took my W700 to Hilo bay and to the river. Just paddling, no fishing today. Recreation on the Kayak without fishing suites me fine, and I left my fishing rod on the bottom of the boat. I shot a video in the choppy waters. It was a fun day on the waters, but for only about 4 hours. The sun was a bit harsh.
Here is the video and some pictures,

My Wavewalk 700 Microskiff on the beach


“…I felt safe that day on the waters. The beginning of the voyage I paddled the protected part of the Bay behind the 3 mile jetty. The W700 performed very well. It will take you the distance even at an easy pace.
Eventually I decided to take on the unprotected coast line. So I got out there so far and decided to take a break and have a snack. Heading back I was fighting quite a bit of chop and swell. So I decided to kick it in gear and paddle hard so it wouldn’t take forever to get back. The W700 is amazing. It will pick up and go.”

The coast viewed from my kayak

The coast viewed from my kayak (3)

kayak trip in choppy water Hilo bay

Choppy water in Hilo bay

clouds over the coast

view of the beach Hilo bay



beach with calm water

big hotel

bridge and hotel Hilo Bay, Hawaii

Bridge over the river

my Wavewalk 700 under the famous bridge on the river

view of Hilo bay from my Wavewalk kayak

view of the beach in a protected area


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Reentry from deep water

This deep water reentry demo video is long overdue –
The footage was contributed a few years ago by Berny Marsden from the UK, who designed and built a DIY wooden stitch-and-glue Wavewalk, with some help from Wavewalk’s design team  🙂
Berny named his DIY Wavewalk “Banana Split”, and his boat’s dimensions and load capacity are comparable to those of the 700 series.

In this video, Berny hops into the cockpit directly, in a straight angle.
It’s also possible to get in from a sharper angle, in a position that’s more aligned with the boat, as well as climb in from the rear.


Note that if there is some water in one of the hulls, the extra weight on that side can make reentry easier if you do it from the other, lighter side.

We’ve decided to publish this video for the benefit of our clients who dive and practice spear fishing.

Wavewalk 700 Z in Melbourne, Australia

By Dario Lazaric

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

If you want something done do it yourself. Wavewalk 700 Down under  🙂
I decided to pick up myself, and here it is safe in the backyard shed, waiting for the 20″ shaft 4 HP Mercury outboard that I ordered for it. I’m going to paddle round a bit before I attach it to the kayak and go fishing in the ocean.

Wavewalk 700 on the way to its new home in Melbourne, AUS


Wavewalk 700 arrived in Melbourne, Australia Wavewalk 700 in its new home in Melbourne Victoria Australia Wavewalk 700 Melbourne Australia Wavewalk 700 Z in the box - Australia Wavewalk Down Under

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