The Wavewalk 700 – How is it made? 3D animation movie

The Wavewalk 700 is a two-person boat and tandem fishing kayak that’s and assembled from two rotationally molded parts –
1. The Twinhull includes a left hull, a right hull, and a raised platform in between that joins these twin hulls together.
2. The Saddle is inserted into the cockpit, on top of the Twinhull’s raised platform, and it’s riveted to it. The Saddle is watertight and serves as flotation.
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Just a beautiful night, fishing a nearby lake

By Chris Henderson

One of the beauties of the Wavewalk is that it is so easy to take short trips. Throw some ice in the soft ice chest to keep the fish good and cold, load the Wavewalks and go.
We left for Lake Devereaux after dinner, and just stayed for about 1.5 hours on the water, but what a beautiful night!
On this particular lake which is 15 minutes from my house, we were the only boats out there.
In our time on the water we caught 2 trout that were released, 1 small kokanee (next year’s fish) and two nice keepers.
Just a beautiful night on the water.

Life is good.


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