13 mph speed record in my motorized W500 kayak, and stable as a dock (movie)

By Kenny “One-Shot” Tracy

Here’s a video showing me breaking in the new motor on my W500 kayak.
I’ve never gotten it more than a 1/3 throttle yet. I’m still trying to “break it in” according to their suggestions. The torque it makes is scary, so I was trying to gradually pick up my speed to ensure I won’t over-tax the motor mount.

I was driving with my left hand, and trying to video and keep my iPhone visible with my right hand. The video shows the magic number “13” on the screen.
I have yet to figure out how to edit these videos.
My doctor told me I had a pinched nerve in my back, so hopefully when it heals a little more, I will have mastered the videotaping art.


W500 tandem kayak bassin with wifey

By Clint Miller

5 1/2 pounder, capital region New York –

My wife’s name is Nioca, and she didn’t only hold the fish for a pic she fought it with 6 lb test while in the front of our Wavewalk 500! It was quite the experience, to say the least but never was stability an issue lol The W500 got me back on the water after my herniated L5-S1 disk …My dad bought one after trying mine out ONE time ! Lol he has very bad knees and it allows him to stand and loosen up when needed. He was actually the one who got us into kayaking originally but I had to stop after injury until I stumbled across wavewalk.com and the rest is history…there are more good pics I will get over to ya ..thx again



W500 Kayak crabbing in Bodega Bay

By Edwin Warner

Been super busy crab fishing with my W500 kayak.

My crabbing kayak attached on top of my car, at the beach, Bodega bay
View of the beach, Bodega bay, CA

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Sea lions that really scared me
The Kevlar and carbon fiber cockpit cover I made for my crabbing Wavewalk 500 kayak

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First trap pulled out of the water with crab and bait in it
Crab trap on my kayak deck ready to be lowered into the water. San Francisco Bay

And some more crab traps…
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Plastic cooler with crabs on ice – yummy!

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Preparing the crabs for cooking!