Pond hopping with a Wavewalk 500 kayak on a leash

Tandem kayaking isn’t easy, especially when you have to do some portaging as you move from one body of water to another.
This movie shows how much easier everything is with the Wavewalk 500 kayak:
You can launch it practically anywhere, paddle and pole anywhere, and beach it anywhere, and you get to keep your feet dry – always.

Portaging is a breeze – just attach a strap or a leash to this kayak, and pull. It’s light weight and flat hulls allow you to carry it in rough terrain and across long distances.

This is the world’s stablest kayak, and its passengers can paddle it standing or in the comfortable and powerful Riding position.

It’s the ideal kayak for both Touring and Fishing, as it offers unrivaled mobility and more storage space than any other kayak.

This video was shot in Borderland State Park, in Massachusetts.

Carp on a fly in my Wavewalk 500 kayak (video)

By Gary Thorberg

A little known technique in the inland north country is sight fishing for carp with a fly rod. It is EXACTLY the same as fishing for redfish on a saltwater flat somewhere. Having the ability to fly fish from a kayak allows you to reach ‘skinny water’ very quietly, which is essential when fishing for carp. The stability of the W500 is perfect for stand-up casting, and for landing one of these beasts if you are fortunate enough to hook one.

This particular spot has only been open water for about a week. It’s been a long winter. The water was relatively clear, with no wind, and partly sunny skies…perfect for sight casting! It took 15 minutes or so to spot my first fish. It was pretty far away, so I had to guess as to which end of the shadow was the head of the fish. A perfect cast, but a wrong guess! The next cast was in front of him, and he hit it immediately. The battle was on!