My DIY Wavewalk Kayak For Fishing and Diving

Berny Marsden lives in the United Kingdom (UK), and he likes to fish and dive. He needed a small boat that could be motorized, yet be lightweight and easy to transport, and most of all, as seaworthy as it gets, and extremely stable.
Berny chose the W kayak concept, contacted us with a few questions, and created his DIY version, which is spectacular, as you’ll see in the video below, in which Berny performs diving and deep water reentry from the side of his kayak…

Says Berny:
-“I have a 4 hp outboard on loan from my brother in law. Unfortunately, I have hit a few snags with it. Although it appears to be in good order, it does not run smoothly and needs to have the choke partially turned on to tick over.
Also, I think it may be a bit on the heavy side so I think I will look for a 2 hp motor instead.
As a result of these problems, I’ve not had a chance to test the kayak properly under power and now the winter has set in so I may put it on ice until the spring.
On the plus side, the tubular jointed construction is a great success and the craft is very rigid in the water.