One Small Fishing Kayak – Two Big Paddlers in Tandem

Historic Perspective

This video from 2008 shows two big guys paddling a tiny W300 (Wavewalk’s first kayak model) in tandem. It’s funny to watch, because the poor kayak looks almost like a submarine 😀

This movie shows two large size adults paddling the 2008 Wavewalk kayak in tandem, on flat water.
The bow paddler is 6’3″ tall (190 cm), and weighs 245 lb. (111 kg)
The stern paddler is 6′ tall (183), and weighs 195 lb. (88 kg)
Their life jackets, clothes, shoes, paddles and gear add 30 lb. (14 kg)
Total load: 470 lb. (213 kg)
The estimated draft on the W300 seen in this video is about 11″