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Section I. S4 Movies

Wavewalk S4 official playlist


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Selected S4 Movies

I. 1. Wavewalk S4 driven in blue water

I. 2. Wavewalk S4 with a 6 HP outboard motor driven at full throttle

I. 3. Three paddlers in an S4

I. 4. Testing the S4

I. 5. S4 in 3-5 ft waves

I. 6. Junior testing the S4

I. 7. Car topping the S4 in 30 seconds

I. 8. Launch it anywhere you want

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Section II. Wavewalk® 700 Movies

II. 1. The Wavewalk® 700 microskiff

Motorized, unleashed… The W700 in a Microskiff version


II. 2. Absolute stability kayak – the W700

The 31″ wide W700 is shown to be as stable as a boat, and yet easy to paddle even for a 6 ft 205 lbs guy standing up with both feet in one hull:

II. 3. 300 lbs big guy paddling standing in a W700 on first try

Ernie is 65 years old, 6’1″ tall, and weighs 300 lbs:

II. 4. W700 in tandem with a 6 hp outboard motor

Versatility beyond fishing and paddling –

II. 5. W700 joystick steering

The joy of driving!  This video is a must watch –

II. 6. Easy Car-Top Boat W700

At 80 lbs, the Wavewalk 700 is easy to car-top, even for one person.

II. 7. Two Fishermen Standing In Electric Wavewalk 700

II. 8. 15 miles round trip, offshore, in a Wavewalk 700 skiff

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Section III. Wavewalk® 500 Movies

III. 1. Super Stability – W500

This is not a catch phrase but a reality enabled by our invention, for which the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted us utility patent No. 6871608.
This demo movie is guaranteed to change the way you think about kayak stability, stand up paddling, and stand up fishing from a kayak. Watch this W500 stability demo:

III. 2. W500 offshore, motorized

The W500 outfitted with detachable, inflatable side flotation modules, a detachable and lightweight spray shield, and new lightweight transom mount that can fit both 20″ (long) and 15″ (short) shaft outboard motors.
Watch this new type of watercraft performing like a champ in the chop, and its user driving it standing…  More info »

III. 3. Super Mobility – ROCK CLIMBING W500 kayak

This demo video shows how you can go over obstacles with the W500 kayak, and it will prove to you that super mobility is not a superlative but a real thing.

III. 4. Paddling a W500 in A STORM, standing

Stand up kayak paddling in a W500 on lake Massapoag in Massachusetts, during a tropical storm with 35-55 mph (55-90 kmh) frontal and side wind. Just for the heck of it…

III. 5. W500 Tandem paddling on Flat Water

Total load: 350 lbs, which is close to the maximum 360 lbs we recommend. Overloading reduces performance, and it is not recommended.

III. 6. W500 Rigged for Fishing

Jeff McGovern shows how he rigged his Wavewalk™ kayak for fishing.

III. 7. The W500 as the Perfect Fly Fishing Kayak

Craig Masterman, a lifelong fly fisherman explains what makes the W kayak perfect for fly fishing.

III. 8. W500 Power Stand-Up paddling…

Can you imagine a 6 ft, 200 lbs middle aged guy jumping up and down in a kayak while paddling it?…  Watch this video –

III. 9. Easy and Dry Entry and Exit

You enter the cockpit of this kayak simply by walking in from its rear, and you exit it by walking out from its front, and your feet always stay dry.

 III. 10. What It’s Like to Paddle Standing in a W500

This video was shot with a head camera, and it shows what it’s like to enter the W500 cockpit, launch standing, paddle standing, and even jump up and down!…

III. 11. Sailing the W500 Without Outriggers

Jim Luckett demonstrates sailing the W500 standing, without outriggers. It’s fun to watch, but don’t try it yourself unless you’re an experienced small-boat sailor or a seasoned wind surfer…

III. 12. The Riding Position – Extreme W500 Stability

The Riding position is the position favored by people who drive high performance vehicles such as dirt bikes, jet-skis, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles (ATV). It’s also the most powerful and stable paddling position, as shown in this slow-motion W500 video.

Section IV. Our first series – The W300 (2004-2010)

IV. 1. Surf Playing

Few kayakers practice surf playing. This old video shows a small, early Wavewalk kayak model called the W300 (2004-2010) used for paddling in the surf, just for fun…

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