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13 mph speed record in my motorized W500 kayak, and stable as a dock (movie), by Kenny (One-Shot) Tracy

Here’s a video showing me breaking in the new motor on my W kayak.
I’ve never gotten it more than a 1/3 throttle yet. I’m still trying to “break it in” according to their suggestions. The torque it makes is scary, so I was trying to gradually pick up my speed to ensure I won’t over-tax the motor mount.

I was driving with my left hand, and trying to video and keep my iPhone visible with my right hand. The video shows the magic number “13” on the screen.
I have yet to figure out how to edit these videos.
My doctor told me I had a pinched nerve in my back, so hopefully when it heals a little more, I will have mastered the videotaping art.


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13 mph in my W motorized kayak with a 6 hp outboard motor, my speed record (unofficial), by Kenny (One-Shot) Tracy

Finally, I was able to try out my new motor. It was a little hard getting it started, but after that, it ran fine.

In officially, I am the new speed record holder in a W boat! I used my IPhone app, and it said I was doing 13 mph! I had two friends who witnessed it from shore, who said that I might need some ballast up front to keep the nose out the air! I was sitting on the middle in my seat, and didn’t feel the least bit “out of control”, in fact it was quite smooth! I am going to make some trim adjustments, because my transom did get a little “low” in the water. I was not using a third of the throttle yet, ( still doing the “break-in thing), but as I gave it a little more throttle, my motor mount cracked almost in half! Thankfully, I had tied a small rope around the motor to an eyelet up closer to the original transom area, so I was able to let it “idle” and get it back to the dock. The pictures show the damage.

I think the foam (sides), may be a game changer. There was not one bit of wavering from side to side as my speed increased. I was sitting directly in the middle of the cockpit, and steering with a U-joint tiller extension.

Okay. Next is to scrap my seat, get another motor mount, and adjust my trim… I should have my Hero 3 camera set-up and mounted by then to have tangible evidence of my speed claim as well.

Kenny “One-Shot”

motorized-kayak-broken-motor-mount-due-to-overpower motorized-kayak's-motor-mount-broken-by overpowerful-outboard-motor

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Test fitting 6hp motor on my W kayak, by Kenny (One-Shot) Tracy

Got my motor in last week. It’s a 6-hp Tohatsu Sail-Pro with a 20″ shaft and a 5 amp alternator. I’m going to mount my gas tank at the very front end of the saddle to help balance it out. I’m going to purchase a small battery and mount it in the rear to run my lights and fish finder. I ordered a go-pro camera and a mount, so I’ll (hopefully) be able to send you some action shots in a couple of weeks.

Thanks again for all of your support. I’ll send more photos after I get it rigged up, before I put it in the water.

Even though I ordered the 20″ shaft, does the cavitation plate look a little low to you?


6hp-outboard-motor-on-fishing-kayak fishing-kayak-with-6hp-outboard-motor motorized-kayak-with-6hp-tohatsu-outboard

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