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First time in W fishing kayak, in tandem! by Gary Thorberg (video)

First time Wavewalkers Kirby and Mary Lou show us how easy it really is!
Both were impressed with the stability and ease of paddling. Having experience in conventional kayaks, they were willing to give tandem a try the first time out.
We usually reserve tandem kayaking for after you have mastered solo, but they were able to jump right in and take off no problem.
I foresee many successful tandem fishing trips for them, as fishing is their passion.
Thanks for the test, and enjoy many happy years in your new Wavewalk!


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Carp on a fly in my Wavewalk kayak, by Gary Thorberg (video)

A little known technique in the inland north country is sight fishing for carp with a fly rod. It is EXACTLY the same as fishing for redfish on a saltwater flat somewhere. Having the ability to fly fish from a kayak allows you to reach ‘skinny water’ very quietly, which is essential when fishing for carp. The stability of the ‘W’ is perfect for stand-up casting, and for landing one of these beasts if you are fortunate enough to hook one.

This particular spot has only been open water for about a week. It’s been a long winter. The water was relatively clear, with no wind, and partly sunny skies…perfect for sight casting! It took 15 minutes or so to spot my first fish. It was pretty far away, so I had to guess as to which end of the shadow was the head of the fish. A perfect cast, but a wrong guess! The next cast was in front of him, and he hit it immediately. The battle was on!






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Get your swimming pool ready for the winter with a canoe style Wavewalk, by Gary Thorberg

The problem here was that part of the tarp that covered the swimming pool fell into the water, and then the whole surface froze over. This video shows the W500 being used to break the ice and retrieve the tarp so that it could be properly reattached around the pool.
Using the kayak in a canoeing mode made more sense because the short canoe paddle works better in such a restricted space, and it’s more effective for breaking the ice.

Here in Minnesota we’re already switching to ice fishing, which is very popular.


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Unofficial state record for a sunfish (bluegill) from a W kayak! by Gary Thorberg

Paul Malm, a.k.a. ‘The Musky Guy’ is a well known fishing guide in Iowa and a new Wavewalk kayak owner, recently sent me this picture and story. Paul says:

Beats the state record by more than an inch. Released. Got him from the kayak on the same pond that you and I fished. Got 3 more like him and 6 crappies over 15 inches! The local warden, the DNR, and the state fishery biologist all agree that it is the unofficial state record for bluegill. It wasn’t weighed at a legal scale.

Paul has a reputation for catching big fish, and this is what he says on his website about the W kayak:

-This particular design is more stable on the water than any other kayak I have seen. Plus the amount of storage blows them all away, too. Check out the website just to see these unique kayaks. Fishing while standing is no problem at all, and they are very comfortable to spend extended time in. You can actually lay down in this one!

Congrats Paul! It may be Wavewalk’s first fishing record!


record bluegill sunfish kayak fishing in Iowa

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