Kayak Ice Fishing (In a Way), And Last Tiger Muskie For The Season – By Gary Thorberg

The Wavewalk kayak can do many things, but breaking thick ice is not one of them. It is too light, and simply rides up on top of the ice. I stopped after a couple of feet, as this could put you in a dangerous position (not recommended).
I think that my lake kayaking is about over this year.
One final Tiger Muskie is a good way to close out the season!

Motor Mount For Kayak Electric Trolling Motor, By Gary Thorberg, Minnesota

Here is how Gary mounted an electric trolling motor on his W500 fishing kayak: Clamp-on motor mount – Quick and easy. Gary chose to make this motor mount from Oak wood.Electric trolling motor mounted on the W500 kayak. The motor is mounted on one side of the kayak, and the battery is placed at the bottom of the opposite hull. This balances the kayak without reducing its stability. Electric trolling motor setup – General view: With this propeller shaft length, Gary can troll both seated and standing up. Since the W500 kayak is totally symmetrical frond and end, Gary can troll with the motor either in the front, or in the back.

The Thorbergs In A Tandem Kayaking Trip In Lake Superior, Minnesota

Gary Thorberg and his wife went on a beautiful tandem kayaking trip in lake Superior.
Gary tells that launching their W500 was easy, and so were paddling and beaching in those little beaches.
This wasn’t a typical kayak fishing trip, but rather a long kayak trip in tandem, in which the W500 performed as a tandem touring kayak, or as an expedition kayak, due to its extended carrying capacity.
The W500 fit easily on Gary’s pickup truck bed.

Developments in Motorized Kayaks

This article examines the latest developments in motor kayaks, and what these developments mean for anglers. Origins of the motor kayak As kayaks became increasingly popular among anglers, some of them started ‘rigging’ (outfitting) their kayaks with electric trolling motors. The need for doing so arose from the fact that paddling alone was insufficient in … Continue reading “Developments in Motorized Kayaks”